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Old News is Still Good News

January 15, 2007
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHere's a bit of fun from the end of 2006 in New Zealand. Seems there's a Christmas Eve tradition among BookCrossers there to gather in and decorate the Christmas tree. According to FutureCat, "This was the second time we've made a Christmas booktree, so we were all well organised with plenty of Christmas-themed books (everything from biblical stories to barbecue recipes to romances with "Christmas" in the title - about 80 books in total, I think)" The group headed over to Jelly Park, where books were hung (suitably protected from the rain in plastic bags, and decorated with red ribbons) from every accessible branch of the selected tree (and a few inaccessible ones, which the kids climbed the tree to get to). Again, per FutureCat, "The tree looked fantastic when we were finished, with lights from passing cars reflected off the plastic bags as they fluttered in the wind. Just like last year, cars were tooting and waving (well, the people inside were waving, anyway!) at us as they passed - though that might have been because of lytteltonwitch's short skirt and the fact she kept bending down to take books out of the box!" For a bigger picture of the tree, click here. Also in on the fun were MrPloppy, awhina, meerkitten, gwilk, TheLetterB and assorted spouses, children and fiances.

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