BookCrossing Labels

Labelling your books with a unique BookCrossing ID number (BCID) is vital to successful BookCrossing. The BCID you get for each book you register here will stay with the book for the rest of its natural life, which of course is probably longer than you or any of us will live. Anytime during that long, long future ahead of us that someone reads the book, then comes to and enters that BCID, they will be able to see the complete journal history of the book and make a new journal entry of their own. Cool, huh?

There are many options for labelling your book:

The Custom BookPlate Creator

Create your own bookplate labels! Our Bookplate Creator allows you to choose a template and add your own image and caption. Your creations get stored in your own bookplate gallery so you can order them again when you run out, or create a new bookplate.

Labels from the BookCrossing Supply Store

Visit the BookCrossing supply store to order limited edition bookplates, econo-labels, stickers, bookmarks and more. There are many options to choose from! In addition to labels and stickers, we have release kits that prepare you with enough bookplates, bookmarks and sticky notes to release 25, 50 or 100 books.

Free Downloadable Label Files

Download 10 Blank Avery 2x4" Labels - 61 KB

Hand-write a Note on or Inside Your Book

You can hand-label your book by writing a note like this:

"I've registered this book at so I can track its journey through the world. Please go to and enter this BCID: 123-456789 to let me know you found it. Then read it and/or pass it on for someone else to enjoy. Thank you!"

(Note, the BCID used here is only an example. Please substitute the BCID our system generated for your book instead.)

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