by KatGirl13 (KatGirl13)

A friend introduced me to Bookcrossing a little while ago. She lives in my area so we hide and find books together. This has been a wonderful program. My friend and I have become closer because its a way we interact. Thank you Bookcrossing!

by Jen (jenandmike)

I have been struggling for years to remember the name of this site and organization, I love it, I was an early member but got sidetracked along the way. I cannot express how happy I am to receive this notification from you, that you are still in existence and I can restart my love affair with this concept. Thank you!


Book releases are an embrace of what Alan Watts called "the wisdom of insecurity," the acceptance of the reality that we are not in control. These are tiny lessons in patience (certainly), acceptance, respect, forgiveness, generosity, nonattachment, etc. And I thought it was simply a neat idea!!!

by robert-n-kate (robert-n-kate)

book crossing a head i was surfing the web seeking books for my daughter when to my surprise i found in short order a site that was based on this curious thought books can freely be given not merely be bought at first blush the notion stood the world on its head i read through the pages with some sense of dread for surely this concept would create a schism between sharing ideas and capitalism it's true that i frequent the local library so to borrow a book is not at all scary but this seems quite different releasing a tome out into the wild quite freely to roam without payment or credit without return date just bound to the mysteries of fortune and fate with no strings attached just a simple i.d. so the finder might tell of their joined destiny and if they so choose pay back kindness in kind freeing not just a book but also a mind 'twas then i remembered what first brought me here my searching out tales for my daughter to hear in caring for her i have learned to my pleasure that life's greatest gift is a love without measure and after some thought i'm compelled to agree this realization should hold more widely whether at random or through planned exchange by chapter and verse the world can be changed so now into action this thinking is led and i'm sure that i see a book crossing a head perhaps one fine morning i'll set out to free 'em beside an art gallery inside a museum at park benches, cafes on playgrounds at schools at concerts and movies and even bar stools to all the book crossers (those likewise inclined) i hope in this process much joy you will find just say to a skeptic if ever they see ya you're simply embracing a novel idea let no one dissuade you if this you believe that truly 'tis better to give than receive and hold fast this adage both simple and true do unto others as you'd have done to you

by 4Libros (4libros)

Best Book Forward "I want to be free!" This book said to me (Its previous owner), And I just said, "Gee!" "I didn't know books Could be quite this vocal." But I set the book wild In vicinity local. Now the book writes to me On a regular basis, From across the world, From desert, oasis! BookCrossing.com Emails me without cease Whene'er a new owner Does Read and Release. So, if you've some tomes That aren't done talking, Stop staring in shock, Let your books begin walking!

by Jennifer Boulanger (JoeandJen)

Admit it. You haven't done much to challenge our corporate capitalist society lately, despite your revoutionary leanings. Do not despair. Here is your chance to redeem yourself... clear those long-forgotten or well-loved books off the bookshelf and give them to someone who could really benefit from your good taste - a complete stranger! Set your old books and your cooperative spirit free. Exert your intellectual influence on an international audience. Be subversive. Be a BookCrosser. Vive la resistance!

by Erin Brewster (grover3d)

I'm already addicted! 29 registered, about ten released and I just bought copies of some of my favorites so I can get those out there too. Thanks so much!

by Linda (Snowball)

You made my day when I discovered this website! What an incredible idea! What better way to foster goodwill and a do a good deed then to pass on a book, free to anyone. You could change someone's life by such an unselfish act. I must say I smiled all day after releasing my first book "into the wild" (at a local McDonalds). When I am stuck in a boring situation (meetings, etc.) I daydream of new and creative places to release my next book. Thank you for showing me how my book has a "long life" after I am done with it.

by Ross LaManna (RossLaManna)

Bookcrossing.com is a charming, long overdue idea. Imagine if we'd had the technology to track the travels of a Shakespeare First Folio, a Gutenberg Bible, or even a First Edition of The Big Sleep. Well, eat your hearts out, Mr. Shakespeare, Herr Gutenberg and Mr. Chandler -- as soon as the hardcover edition of my humble first novel is printed, I'm setting three copies loose on the world with BCID stickers attached therein. So, if you happen to come across a copy of Acid Test so adorned, please give it a read, upload your thoughts and pass it on. I will check Bookcrossing.com often to follow the wanderers' progress. And who knows -- maybe in a hundred years my great-grandchildren will stop by the site once in a while as well. -- Screenwriter/novelist Ross LaManna, whose credits include the hit film Rush Hour and the Ballantine thriller Acid Test (August, 2001). www.RossLaManna.com

by Michael Allen (treknut)

Just had to take a second to tell you what a cool idea you have here! I think this is one of the most inspirational ideas I have ever seen. Another avid reader at the office recommended the site to me... and I have to admit I've been as excited as a kid since dropping by. This adds a level of intrigue to my reading I don't think I have ever experienced... I can't wait to see where the books I have read go... to see where the ones I discover are from... (it's like being on a continual treasure hunt!). I think you are in the midst of creating a new community of people around the world. Thanks to all of you who thought this up... I truly believe you have got something here that's going to make a lasting impression on the world.

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