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BookCrossing Site Announcements 6949
Official site announcements from management, Support and Newsletter teams and from our Supply Store. Check here frequently to keep up-to-date on such things as new feature notifications, site updates, store items and general BC "official" news. Members may comment in threads, but not post announcements here. Please use the Community Bulletin Board for member generated news.
Community Bulletin Board 1680
A place for BookCrossers to make any special announcements to the community, including info on upcoming special events (also see our Conventions and Meetings forum), community activities, new media exposure, local BookCrossing gatherings, etc. If you have news to share, or something to shout about, let others know by using the Community Bulletin Board. If you're uncertain if your post is appropriate for this forum, try this test: would you hang a notice about this on an actual bulletin board in your community?
Conventions and Meetings 5030
Planning a special BookCrossing get-together in your area? Use this forum for planning and announcements.
Introduce Yourself 10103
Please take a moment and introduce yourself to the BookCrossing community in this forum. Just share a bit about yourself, how you found out about BookCrossing, what you think of it, and how you plan to use BookCrossing.
Newbies 8971
Post your new member questions here, and a member of our staff or one of our veteran BookCrossers will help you learn the ins-and-outs of BookCrossing. And remember - the only dumb question is the one you don't ask!
Dutch - Nederlands 38495
Het forum voor Nederlandstalige BookCrossers.
Finnish - Suomi 7907
Foorumi suomalaisille bookcrossaajille
French - Français 32333
Le forum pour les Bookcrosseurs francophones.
German - Deutsch 94113
Das Forum für deutschsprachige BookCrosser.
Greek - Ελληνικό 7055
The Forum for Greek BookCrossers
Italian - Italiano 3367
The forum for Italian-language BookCrossers.
Japanese - 日本語 102
Portuguese - Português 31562
Fórum para os Bookcrossers de língua portuguesa.
Scandinavian - Skandinavisk 6039
The forum for BookCrossers speaking Swedish, Norwegian and Danish
Slavic Languages 264
The forum for BookCrossers speaking the Slavic languages, such as Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian
Spanish - Español 5379
El forum para los bookcrossers de habla hispana.
Activists, Enthusiasts, Hobbyists and Wannabees 1425
A place to talk about BookCrossing, what we love, what we want for the site, and what we envision for the future of BookCrossing. Share your ideas about the site as well as what you've done to help spread the word.
Based on the Book: Books to Movies 440
Readers read. That's a given. Now's your chance to read, watch and chat about all those books turned into movies: past, present and future. Tell us what you think. Do you read a book first or see the movie first? Or maybe tell which books ought to be in pictures, which succeeded, which made you cringe. Lights! Camera! Read 'em!
Bugs and Broken Bits Reporting 2787
This forum is where BookCrossing members can report problems they encounter with the site: things believed to be a bug, or broken, or coding problem, but not a question on how BookCrossing works. (For those questions, please use our Site Questions: Basic and Advanced forum.) Please be sure to be as precise and clear as you can be in relaying information on quirks, bugs, things not working correctly, broken links etc. Some suggestions for how to help make sure your post gives complete information etc can be found here. Thank you for your support!
Book Talk 29468
Discuss your favorite books and authors here. What are you currently reading? What do you want to be reading?
Bookrings, Bookrays, and Bookboxes 41879
Coordinate group book sharing here!
Chit-Chat 123959
Readers love to talk with other readers, right? Here's the place to enjoy conversation with other BookCrossers.
Educators, Librarians and Parents 955
Are you a teacher, librarian, or parent, interested in sharing ideas for using BookCrossing to stimulate the love of reading (and sharing) in kids and/or library patrons? If so, this is the forum for you. We've also got two helpful one-pagers to get you started: BookCrossing in the Classroom and BookCrossing and Libraries (both are PDF format, so you'll need the free Acrobat Reader software).
Feature Requests 3537
Want a new feature on Post your request or ideas for site features here. Or chime in with your ideas and yours might be the one! Member feedback and opinions are valued, so go ahead and say what you like or dislike about a proposed idea or how you think it could be improved. Brainstorm away! Please use the subject line to clearly identify your request subject as specifically as possible. Though we may not be able to comment on each idea, our volunteer Support Team and BC Staff do check this forum regularly.
Fun and Games 6753
Looking to have some fun with your BC friends? This is the place to post games, quizzes, polls, trivia, memes, and any internet oddities you'd like to share.
OBCZ Managers 1752
Do you (want to) manage an OBCZ (Official BookCrossing Zone)? Do you want to start a new one? Then this is the forum for you. Discuss what works, what doesn't, and anything else related to starting and maintaining these wild book-friendly physical points of presence. (More info at Become a BookCrossing Zone .)
OBCZ Primer: here. Article on how to get your zone listed on the Go Hunting pages and a great little logo to identify it as an OBCZ here.
Don't forget to add your zone to the OBCZ Wiki started by carnelian-rune in 2013.
(Not-So-) Random Acts of BookCrossing Kindness 44704
Are you searching for the perfect next reader for a book? Perhaps you want to offer a book (or books) as a contest prize, or just want to give some books away. Maybe you want to swap books with another person, or search for someone to RABCK*. Here is a good place to start. You can also use this forum if you are in search of (ISO) a particular title. And don't forget to search BookCrossing wishlists, to see if someone is wishing for a specific book (You'll need to click on "wishlists"). Please note: exchanging or trading or swapping by any other name is still a completely personal choice, and not all members wish to participate. Check profiles and individual Private Message pages for indications regarding trading preferences, and observe site etiquette regarding requesting a book.
*Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness
Release Challenges 3407
Ready for a book-releasing adventure? Post your own BookCrossing Release Challenge for others here, or find one to participate in!
Release Techniques 4973
Got a great way to increase the odds of a successful release? Share your experiences with other BookCrossers here!
Region Cleanup: Cities & Crossing Zones 2741
Please note: Region cleanup is done by our most excellent team of volunteer BookCrossers, aka our Region Manager Team. Please post your requests, with as much detail as possible, and we will tend to them as soon as we're able. Thank you for your patience.

Found a duplicate city in your country? Is your favorite release zone listed 4 times, or (gulp) does it have a typo in it? Do you know of a zone that is mis-mapped, has moved or is no longer in existence? Post it here and be sure to include as much information as you can (Country, State, City, Zone name, as it is listed and as it should be... and please add the link), and our volunteer Region Managers and Support team will try to fix it for you and respond here. More info can be found here.

If you have entered a release zone but made a typo, you can fix that yourself: look the zone up on Go Hunting, and find the Edit button that will let you correct the name and address.
Site Questions: Basic and Advanced 4556
Post your tougher technical questions about BookCrossing or the website here. Not-so-tough questions welcome, too. Members and our Support Team will chime in to help you out. You can also contact our Support team via our Contact & Support link which appears on the bottom of every page.
Site Watch 15979
Find a great journal entry, member profile/picture, or book release photo while browsing around the BookCrossing website? If so, post the URL here so others can enjoy.
SSMs 1270
"Your mission, BookCrosser, should you decide to accept it, is to release a book at sunset according to the mission theme. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, BookCrosser." (Cue Mission Impossible theme music.) Check this forum for special sunset missions. For more about SSMs, click here (please note that there may be some changes in external links mentioned, beyond the scope of BookCrossing.)

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