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📚 "A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured upon purpose to a life beyond life." ~ John Milton


BLESSINGS, and MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for your kindnesses, generosity, HGG and/or Birthday Exchange Surprises, and RABCKs!!!🙏Your THOUGHTFULLNESS brings tears to my eyes, and JOY to my heart, and you are ALL...OFTEN THOUGHT OF and MENTIONED in my PRAYERS and BLESSINGS, and...ALWAYS, GREATLY APRRECIATED!!!😊💖❌⭕

💖 Take Care, Stay Safe, Have a GREAT DAY, and...HAPPY BOOKCROSSING!!! 💖😊

👉 Sidenote...I am currently in the midst of an exTREMEly slow moving 🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌multilevel BC "catch-up", so things like my Parcel sending, THANK YOU's, & Bookcrossing Wishlist are not up to date.😉*🚩

*🚩5/29/21 👉 I've been diligently working and am making progress on my 2020 HGG/OBG Catchup Project, so I have been able to make several Journal Entry THANK YOUs for Wishlist Books I have been blessed with...which in turn, has enabled me to update my Wishlist by marking some "Granted"...THANK YOU SO MUCH, to EVeryone who has made this possible!!!🤗❤❌⭕

Happy Monday, 17 May 2021...HurRAY to finally have received my stimulus funds, and a wee bit at a time now...I'm able to get back to one of my original BC JOYs, aside of Reading and Releasing...that being RABCKing, while trying once aGAIN to make yet another BC "come back" to work on THIS!!!


👉 MY SINCERE APOLOGIES TO ANY ONE, whose book 📚 hasn't been Journaled imMEdiately during this COVID Dampemic!!! This has ALLways been of UTMOST IMPORTANCE and TOP PRIORITY to me as a Member of the BC Community!!! I've had a great many set backs over the past few years, and while it seems quite difficult to get back on track 🚂 when you have had more than one computer crash, along side other back to back life crises, especially when declining health for yourself and any Family Members you may be taking care of are also added in...I am VERy deTERmined to do so!!! Following my HGG/Birthday Group "Catch-up" completion, my next most important to me BC Milestone will be to open several other envelopes and parcels sent to me by a great many of my other BC Friends during the last part of last year, and the first part of this year already, and also catch up with Journaling and/or sending proper THANK YOU's to each and everyone of them, for each and every book, or other kindness!!!😉 I am also hoping to complete that "Catch-Up2" Project by my 11 June Anniversary🤞, and then I'll be able to celebrate Christmas in July by not only sending out 2020 Christmas Parcels that were ready to go and absolutely impossible to get sent off, but by also beginning 2021 Christmas Projects, which is more my "usual" MO!!!😉

REFERENCE LINKS whilst I'm opening HGG and Birthday Group Surprises and work to see who still the very LEAST, an electronic THANK YOU!!!❤❌⭕ Hopeful to have everything caught up by my 17th BC Anniversary 11 June 2021!!!😊MANY THANKS to each and every one of you for your exTREME patience and understanding!!!🤗

HGG Thank You Thread (2020 Holiday Gift Giving)
HGG EXTENDED!!! (An out of place apologies...)
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"Owl Feathers" to ardachy w/sidenote to peregrin😉


Last Update...Saturday, 29 May 2021, 8:17 PM...Arizona time!!! : )
Currently have 1,933 Books Registered and 1,102 Wild Releases!!!😊

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