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From Camas Valley, Oregon USA
Age 49
Joined Monday, June 5, 2006
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Yes I've changed my name, the reason being I'm trying to make my name the same on all the websites I belong to because its easier for me if I have the same name and passwords than having diffrent ones. Sorry about the confusion.

My email is:

My address is:
Auntie M
PO Box 53
Camas Valley, OR
97416-0053 USA

and for anyone who cares here is my wishlist:

* crochet hooks and knitting needles and instructions on how to
* a new stapler -my old one broke: (
* Anything with or about turtles
* Eeyore stuff (or any Winnie-the-Pooh characters)
* Hair stix (can't get enough of them)
* Funky or interesting pens and pencils
* Pens and pencils with sayings or from places
* Tony Stewart Stuff
* M-n-M collectibles
* Hemp products
* Yummy smelling candle and tarts
* Incense especially nag champa, sandalwood and patchouli (cone or sticks)
* Scrapbooks and journals
* Scrapbooking supplies
* White Chocolate
* Tea
* Postcards (used or unused)
* lip gloss and lip balm
* Books, books, & more books (see my wishlist)
* Canceled postage stamps- Any really but ones form other than the US and ones with turtles or other animals, flowers, plants, tree, etc are my favorites
* BC labels, stickers,and other releasing supplies
* Anything BC related

Here's where to click to see more of my bookshelf statisitcs

A list with links of Lucky BookCrossers who also have statistics pages

And BookCrossing Statistics
(Thanx Wyando)

I am a member of Birthday RABCK Expermint (BRE)
(Thanx Chich for organizing this!!)

BRE Members BRE Teams BRE Group

My B-day buddy is Reign from Texas, USA.
Her birthday is May 23.

Books read in 2008
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Rings, Rays, Spiral & Boxes started by me
(Because some of the journal enteries with the shipping order for my rings/ray/spirals are down several enteries I have made all journal enteries containing shipping order in purple writing to help you find them.)

Boxes (US Only)
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Rays (Int'l)
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Janet Evanovich "Full" Spiral/Ray Finished

Books read in 2007
117 toatal books read in 2007!!!!
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