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skip to: Dublin Convention BCie rings and rays available permanent collection wild catches

Please don't offer me books, because I can't say no!

I'll read nearly anything. I'm probably most interested in science fiction/fantasy, popular science and anything to do with Japan or Japanese.

Bookcrossing Anniversary Convention in Dublin
Come to Ireland in 2012!

The" style="color:darkgreen;">Anniversary Convention is in Dublin this year, 13th-15th April

I have some Irish and Dublin themed convention labels in the bookplate creator. Friend me to get access.

On the labels:

The running harp is Harpycumber, our logo for the convention.

The stone triple spiral is from the entrance stone at Newgrange, a megalithic monument, older than Stonehenge, 50 km or so from Dublin.

The blue spiral is from a fountain in Dublin Castle.

The released book is a map of Dublin on a sculpture outside Kilmainham Gaol, in Dublin.

The bridge is the Ha'penny Bridge in the centre of Dublin. It's a pedestrian bridge, which used to have a toll of half a penny to cross.

Irish mailing list and meetups
In Ireland? Join the Irish BookCrossing mailing list. Or if you're coming to Ireland, join for a while and perhaps we can arrange a mini-meetup. Feel free to come to our monthly Dublin or Cork meetings without joining - the dates are on the home page as they become available.

Available books
I am suffering from a undiagnosed, yet severe, case of procrastination, therefore don't ask me to post any books. I will only give someone an available book if we can arrange to meet. I will, of course, post books for rings.

To be reads are usually available once read. Let me know if you're interested in one of those and I'll move it up the TBR queue.

Books marked Permanent Collection are available for loan within Dublin and environs.

Rings and rays
Rings I've started:-
Travelling: The Angel Makers,The Bridegroom, Autobiography of a Geisha, The Day of the Triffids, Holy Fools, No Logo, The fourth treasure, Blackberry Wine, Amrita, GENOME The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters

Closed rings: They F*** You Up: How to survive family life, The Lovely Bones, Orlando: A Biography, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, Vernon God Little, The Tale of Murasaki, The Mystery of Consciousness, Life's Other Secret: New Mathematics of the Living World, Alias Grace, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Geisha - thanks to everyone who took part!

Some hosted by other people:-
Fallen Leaves, Empress Orchid, Not on the Label (10/1/06), The Girl Who Played Go (6/12/05), Life of Pi (24/11/05), Shadow of the Wind (Nov 2005), A Prayer for Owen Meany (Nov 2005), Apricots on the Nile (15/10/05), BodyLove (26/8/05), Three to Get Deadly (5/8/05), Four to Score (5/8/05), To the Nines (4/7/05), High Five (4/7/05), Hot Six (4/7/05), Freedom Evolves (May 2005), The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure (May 2005), Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary (21/4/05), Dragon Prince (posted 8/3/05), Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody (posted 26/2/05), One for the Money (posted 8/1/05), many more that I haven't added to this list.
Finished ray: Diceman (passed on to grutok).

Autobiography of a Geisha got lost on its way to me. I've got another copy to continue the ring.

I caught a book in the wild! A real, proper wild catch, not somewhere we had previously had meetings and left books. It's Mapping the Edge by Sarah Dunant. I caught it in January 2008 in a campsite in Dannevirke, in New Zealand's North Island.
Since then, I've picked up two books in Starbucks on Dame St, Dublin, The Far Side of the Lough and Letter to Daniel: Despatches from the Heart.

Proper wild catches (whee!):
The Dilbert Future, caught by tweeona in Stephen's Green, back when you had to join to journal;
Bookends, caught in Heuston Station;
Friends: the Totally 100% Unofficial Friends Special, caught by Katya7, The Dune Storybook, caught by dodridge and Bonsai: for beginners, caught by hollisimo, all three at the Mespil Estate;
Five Go Down to the Sea, caught by anucha in Graiguenamanagh, at the Town of Books festival;
Obsidian Fate (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) caught outside Forbidden Planet in London;
The Sunday Philosophy Club (Isabel Dalhousie Mysteries) caught in Te Papa museum in Wellington, New Zealand;
Fear in the Forest, in a hotel in London, the weekend of the BC convention;
About a Boy, on a street corner in Kilkenny, the week of the Arts Festival;
Calcutta Insight Guide and Folens French Verbs, in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham (Irish Museum of Modern Art);
K is for Killer, opposite Kilmainham Gaol;
The Lynx Hunter and Other Stories, in Dunedin, New Zealand, after the convention;
Running Blind, in Christchurch, New Zealand;
Zen Garden, in the Long Stone
Grailblazers, in the Library Bar in the Central Hotel;
Wrong About Japan, in Dunedin;
Looking for the Mahdi, outside the British Museum in London;
Cat Quotations, near the British Museum in London.

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