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I've become an ebook slut...I so love my Kindle2! I'm hopeful that someday DRM will allow limited distribution of books. In the meantime, I'm passing on all of my paper books. If it is listed as available and on MY bookshelf...and I can find can have it. Sorry I need to limit shipping to the US because of costs. Just email me and let me know what you want me know what book you want!
I now also buy ebooks at I can share my ebooks with one friend. Be sure to friend me there also.

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Be sure to check out my convention blog: 2007 BookCrossing Convention Blog

I am a BookCrossing addict and binge reader! I love trading books. Email me if you are interested in a trade If you don't see anything on my bookshelf that you want, visit my husband's bookshelf. I LOVE Random Acts of Bookcrossing Kindness (RABCKs); but it is not a RABCK if you ask – so please don’t!

My husband and I live in Dayton, OH with our 5 feline kids. We are urban evangelists and live Downtown in a loft! We are “childless by choice” and enjoy being the favorite aunt and uncle.

Thanks to Wyando for my BookCrossing Statistics! Visit the Noumena12 Book Blog for my monthly statistics!

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I host the Dayton Bookcrossing Yahoo Group Join us!  

My book ratings system (borrowed from lmn60)

10: Excellent, at the top of its category. This book has impacted me deeply, challenged me profoundly, or has simply been a pure delight to read.
9: Great book - just a nitpick prevents a 10
8: Good, solid book that I would recommend to others.
7: Good book, but it didn’t grab me in a big way.
6: Decent, but not for me.
5: Maybe somebody else would like this. I didn't.
4: Only OK. Barely worth reading. The line between taking it and leaving it is very thin.
2-3: Has major problems. I don't recommend it.
1: It's hard to imagine anyone liking this book.

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2008 Pages Read Challenge (My Goal: 10,000 pages)

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