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To everyone who has sent me something (Book Tea Choc sweeps packages, Birthday Buddy packages, bookbags, PM's etc) I would like to say I am sincerely sorry for my inactivity of the past few months. Been going through a rough patch and just had to put a sudden halt on a lot of things in my life, including Bookcrossing.

All your packages have been received with much thanks and gratitude, and they have helped cheer me up during some dark times the past few months. So thank you.

I'm slowly trying to tie up all the loose ends where I can, pass on bookbags, respond to messages and anything else I need to to catch up. It'll be a slow process so please be patient with me. I will eventually get there. I won't be back in awhile in the meantime, but I will be trying to play catch-up during this time. I will be back hopefully some time next year when everything has settled down.


I love the idea of BC because I believe that books are meant to be shared. I did my own bookcrossing before I found this site, passing books onto friends that I know will appreciate them, however I think the keeping of a journal gives you a great idea of the history of a book, where it's been. And I love the idea of the book as a "little treasure" that gets passed from person to person, spreading its magic with everyone. I have this habit where just before I start reading a book, I love just holding it in my hands, and wondering who had it before me, how the book affected its previous reader, what was happening in their life at the time. This may be a book passed onto me by another Bookcrosser, or one I found in a secondhand shop, any book with a history, especially very old books.

Despite my love of reading and losing myself in a great book, my TBR list grows ever longer! I don't think it helps that I can be somewhat of a slow reader at times - I get distracted easily :{ and usually need to reread the previous sentence / paragraph. But my biggest "downfall" is book bargains - I get most of my books from charity shops, flea markets, and library sales. At the moment, there is an ever-growing pile of books in one corner of my room and it's slowing over-running the place! I haven't had the chance to register a lot of them either. I constantly tell myself I'm not buying anymore books, but guess what... :)

Some of the books you see on my bookshelves are for the purpose of wild releases, and therefore don't always reflect my reading taste. But in saying that, I'm pretty open to what I will read. Types of books I do enjoy reading most are historical fiction/non-fiction (I especially love any books about Ireland, and also a good historical romance from time to time), some war themes (heartwarming ones), some chick lit, good biographies, and also anything unusual / quirky / bizarre / humourous, whether it's fiction or non. I also enjoy some young adult fiction. I especially love books about animals, and also ones told from an animal's point of view. I guess the only types of genres I don't really enjoy are Mills & Boon romance and most science fiction.

Sometimes I like to include a little something (ie. bookmarks, handmade jewellery etc) with random wild releases, especially for Release Challenges. All my wild releases are in plastic ziplock bags / cellophane bags to ensure the book is kept in its original condition.

I'm registered on, so if there's a book you think I might enjoy, you can find my address there :) My entire wishlist is up to date, even the older wishes. I'll happily swap with a book from my shelf.

On other occasions, if you see anything on my AVL (Available) list you'd like, don't be shy - just PM me and I'd be happy to send it to you if funds allow at the time. I don't necessarily need to swap books. If it's on my TBR (To Be Read) list and I'm not planning on reading it any time soon, feel free to PM me as well. I might be willing to send it to you :) Same with my PC (Permanent) list - on the condition that you solemnly promise to send it back once you're done.

Please note that due to the high cost of international postage, I may at times decide to send heavy packages via Sea Mail (Surface Mail). Please take this into consideration if you require a book immediately. If you're not sure, just message me first.

RABCKs and Etsy:
I love nothing better than sending RABCKs :) I also love handmade items, and I've always found such wonderful talent and handcrafted treasures on I want to share these beautiful items with you and help promote fellow Etsians' work by occasionally offering their items in RABCKs. Some RABCKs I host will include items that will come from a different seller each time. And so because of this, some of the non-book RABCKs will come straight from the Etsy seller to the RABCK recipient to save me on postage. Other times, I will send stuff from my own Etsy shop, or just something I've made that doesn't appear in my shop.

I've just joined something fun called" target=new>PostCrossing, where you send each other postcards around the world :)

Happy reading :)


The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time - Mark Haddon (16/5/10 - )
A Place Called Here - Cecelia Ahern (11/5/10 - 15/5/10)
Garden Spells - Sarah Addison Allen (9/5/10 - 11/5/10)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke (19/4/10 - 9/5/10)
The Dante Club - Matthew Pearl (11/4/10 - 19/4/10)
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: A Novel in Cartoons - Jeff Kinney (10/4/10 - 11/4/10)
The Secret of Lost Things - Sheridan Hay (8/4/10 - 10/4/10)
The Road - Cormac McCarthy (6/4/10 - 8/4/10)
Jigs & Reels - Joanne Harris (3/4/10 - 6/4/10)
Travelling Light - various Irish female authors (18/3/10 - 2/4/10)
Carolan's Concerto - Caiseal Mor (9/3/10 - 16/3/10)
PS. I Love You - Cecelia Ahern (6/3/10 - 8/3/10)
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 - Sue Townsend (3/3/10 - )
The Reader - Bernhard Schlink (1/3/10 - 3/3/10)
Reading Lolita In Tehran - Azar Nafisi (25/2/10 - 1/3/10)
In The Miso Soup - Ryu Murakami (23/2/10 - 24/2/10)
Ireland: A Novel - Frank Delaney (6/1/10 - 23/2/10)

2009 (my records only started in November):

The Conjurer's Bird - Martin Davies (14/12/09 - 18/12/09)
Celebration of the Senses - Eric Rolls (25/11/09 - 12/12/09)
Nefertiti: The Book Of the Dead - Nick Drake (16/11/09 - 25/11/09)
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova (6/11/09 - 16/11/09)

Release Challenges I'm participating in (Current and Past):" target=new>Celebrate The Irish ( March 1-17, 2010) (hosted by KarmelK)" target=new>2010 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Feb 1-28) (hosted by Firegirl)" targetnew>Valentines Challenge Feb.1st to Feb.14th (2010) (hosted by maggiemuffet) (my first ever one!)

Book Rays / Rings / Baggies I'm in (Current and Past):

Kids and YA bookbag - Australia only (hosted by Lisagt)" target=new>How To Train Your Dragon bookring (hosted by JonniBoi)" target=new>"Where The Bodies Are" Postcard Book Ray - International (hosted by nediamnori87)" target=new>MooMoo's 2010 Crime Fiction Book Baggie (Aus only) posted to amberC on 3/2/10" target=new>Mixed Favourites Book Baggie! Australia Only (2010) (hosted by Mozette) posted to amberC on 6/4/10

Thank you to these lovely people who have sent / given me something. My apologies to anyone I may have forgotten. I am grateful for every book / gift I am sent. Anything received always put a smile on my face :) xxx

Book, Tea & Chocolate Mar 2010 Sweepstakes
(I was the winner, and all these great people have sent me such lovely packages filled with books, teas and chocolates to last me for a long time to come! Note: each JE has pics of the package contents)" target=new>Vasha - for sending" target=new>River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life by Richard Dawkins, and for the tea and chocolate: )" target=new>mafarrimond - for sending" target=new>Before & After by Matthew Thomas, for the Yorkie bar (which claims on the wrapper that it wasn't for girls but I ate it anyway out of rebellion) and the box of English Breakfast teas (one of my favourite teas)." target=new>Kirjakko - for sending" target=new>Man Meets Dog by Konrad Lorenz, A funny Irish postcard (with a nice handwritten letter on the back), a bookmark of a print of a peacock painting that was created by an artist without hands (they would've used either their mouth or their foot to paint instead- amazing), a handmade notebook (made by one of Kirjakko's creative friends), a satchet of hot chocolate, and the teas." target=new>Pellu - for sending an autographed copy of" target=new>About A Boy by Nick Hornby, the chocolates, all the different teas, the handmade bookmark and the postcard :)" target=new>TinaJean - for sending" target=new>Where Are The Children? by Mary Higgins Clark, the box of lemon herbal tea, the yummy chocolate mousse bunny Peeps, the keyring and the lovely handmade card!" target=new>Smurphie - for sending" target=new>Playing The Moldovans At Tennis by Tony Hawks and" target=new>A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern, and for all the great teas (they smell so nice- hmm, the Whiskey flavoured one sounds intriguing) and the organic chocolate bars. Yummm!" target=new>glitterbee - for sending" target=new>If I Am Missing Or Dead by Janine Latus, yummy Kinder bars (they're all devoured now!), the divine-smelling teas, a little origami thing that resembles a yellow tulip, a 1956 Flackback card, and a lovely card with a handwritten message inside and for so kindly writing out a little guide to the teas for me as well: )" target=new>FeistyPom2Love - for sending" target=new>I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou," target=new>The Hunt by Jennifer Sturman, and" target=new>Oysters & Chocolate. Thank you also for the delicious-sounding teas (some of my usual favourites included), the coffee satchets, the chocolate treats and the beautiful postcards." target=new>shemchin - The Queen Of RABCKs! Once again, you have spoilt me! The first time was my birthday package, and I thought THAT was overwhelming, but this one was even bigger and heavier! Thank you for sending 4 wishlist books," target=new>Tori Amos: Piece By Piece by Tori Amos & Ann Powers," target=new>Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen," target=new>There's No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern and" target=new>From Baghad With Love by Lt Col Jay Kopelman. Thank you so much for all the different types of chocolates (I love receiving these from overseas because we don't get a lot of them here in Australia), all the teas (I'm loving all these teas from all over the world from everyone!), the little cards, note papers, booklight, postcards, bookmarks, a red round tin of mystery (possibly chocolate cookies of some sort? The attached ingredients only said "Boardwalk Crunch". Will open later and find out :))" target=new>carelaisa - for sending" target=new>Losing You by Nicci French, hot chocolate satchets, the many bags of yummy teas, the postcard of Quebec and the handwritten note :)" target=new>nattabee - for sending" target=new>Dog Years by Mark Doty, a box of Raspberry Zinger herbal tea, a packet of Reese's miniature peanut butter cup chocolates, a clip-on book light, a Kentucky collectable silver spoon, a Kentucky keychain, a fluffy red love-heart pen, a 16-month Cityscapes calender, bookmarks, and a postcard with a handwritten note on it." target=new>keeta1 - for sending" target=new>Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen, a box of caramel-flavoured ceylon tea (yum), a chocolate marshmallow Easter bunny, 2 Whittaker's roasted almond chocolate bars, a little handwritten note and a bookmark." target=new>birnsen - for sending" target=new>Where Or When by Anita Shreve, some tea, a small packet of yummy wafer-like chocolate-coated balls, and a handwritten note on cute note paper with a mouse on it." target=new>Meg72 - for sending" target=new>Leave Before You Go, yummy GuyLian chocolates (one of my favourites), and some divine-smelling green tea from the Azores Islands (it came in a gorgeous little pink tea tin)." target=new>jmsmom - for sending" target=new>City Dog: A Novel, a box of herbal tea, and a bag of Tootsie Roll candies (they're so yummy!)" target=new>lellie - for sending" target=new>Round Ireland With A Fridge and" target=new>The Chocolate Lovers' Diet. Thank you also for the 2 blocks of Green & Black's Organic chocolates, the gorgeous handmade bookmark, the box of teas, and the lovely card with a handwritten message inside." target=new>MyssCyn - for sending me" target=new>Chocolate Is Cheaper Than Therapy (a chocoholic's recipe book - I can't wait to try some of the recipes out), lovely handmade bookmarks, personalised addressed labels (aww what a nice touch- it has my profile pic on it too: )), Got Milk chocolate straws and a huge variety of yummy teas!" target=new>kanaye44 - for sending me" target=new>The Dirty Bits - for Girls and lots of different yummy teas!" target=new>JulesPaige - for sending a sachet of chocolate raspberry coffee, cute pencils, a packet of tissues, and candy-coated chocolate sunflower seeds! That's definitely the first time I've seen or even heard of these! Thank you for an interesting package! Photo" target=new>here!" target=new>wendyv - for sending me" target=new>Bird & Sugar Boy ("sugar" for my tea: ), 2 yummilicious blocks of chocolates (the Cadbury one has already been half demolished :P), a lovely tea towel and a tealight candle: ) A very creative twist on the Book, Tea & Chocolate theme: )" target=new>Soozreader - for sending me" target=new>Dead Poets Society, some really yummy chocolate (I especially loved the Raspberry and Lemon Yoghurt chocolates!), choc mints, a variety of interesting teas, a hot chocolate drink called O'Boy (hehe), an international flags bookmark, and a Finland postcard. What a great package- thank you!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" target=new>GoldenHind - for surprising me with a lovely thank you gift for helping her with her profile page! In it was a thank you note and a great personalised key cover which I love!" target=new>chucklesthescot - for sending 5 books!" target=new>Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov," target=new>Rock Me Gently by Judith Kelly," target=new>Ship Fever by Andrea Barrett," target=new>Walking Ollie by Stephen Foster, and" target=new>The God Squad by Paddy Doyle. Thank you also for the Scottish lucky white heather (I think it's brought me quite a bit of luck lately!), a little notebook, a BC bookmark, a Scotland magnet snow dome, and an adorable Nessie stuffed toy! What a great birthday package!" target=new>Tsjara - for my birthday buddy package containing a wishlist book" target=new>The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon. Thanks also for the lovely blue and white Dutch-themed package (I love it: )) filled with all kinds of yummy teas and a gorgeous glittery smiley face bookmark, and also for the postcard of Heiloo with your handwritten message on the back: )" target=new>waderwoman - for sending me, as part of the RABCK For Jewellery Lovers (hosted by z3CarGaragez)," target=new>A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid, a gorgeous long pink necklace that came in a red velvet pouch, a beautiful charm bracelet, a cute fluffy magnet, and a handwritten note written on adorable Miffy handwriting paper! :)" target=new>D-face - for sending me" target=new>The Kite Runner from my wishlist." target=new>Lisagt - for sending me" target=new>The Art Of Racing In The Rain, as a thank you for her Alphabet Surprise RABCK package which I sent her. The funny thing was that she was going to send this to me even before I had mentioned it :)" target=new>Chania - for sending a postcard of 2 gorgeous bunnies as a thank you for her 3rd prize package, which I had sent her as part of my Birthday / St Pat's Day RABCK" target=new>wendyv - for sending me a book of beautiful love poems," target=new>Shakespeare In Love: The Love Poetry of William Shakespeare, as a thank you for my Easter Exchange package to her. What a lovely gesture, and a surprise :)" target=new>keeta1 - for sending" target=new>The Time Traveller's Wife from my wishlist and a great TinTin postcard." target=new>beautifulhooker - for sending" target=new>The Sims 3 Prima Official Game Guide :)" target=new>V8cars &" target=new>Goldenhind - for their 2010 Easter Exchange package (hosted by nattabee). In it were" target=new>CSI: Miami - Florida Getaway, a cute bunny brooch, 3 bookmarks, a 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' DVD, a handwritten note, and an Easter card :)" target=new>Totje2 - for her birthday buddy package :) In it were" target=new>In The Miso Soup, a pack of Wilhelmina mints, a wooden dice puzzle called Caeser's Dice (which has boggled my mind :)), and a birthday card with a sweet handwritten message inside x" target=new>shemchin - for sending me the most generous birthday surprise package I have ever received!! In it were" target=new>Random Acts Of Kindness (sort of a wishlist book :))," target=new>Becoming Strangers (wishlist book)," target=new>Malory's Oracle (audio cassette book)," target=new>The Secret Of Lost Things (wishlist book)," target=new>A Sight For Sore Eyes," target=new>Pay It Forward," target=new>Songs Without Words," target=new>The Road (Movie Tie-In Edition 2009) (wishlist book)," target=new>And The Ass Saw The Angel (wishlist book), all different kinds of bookmarks, postcards, a Chinese New Year "red packet" with a US$1 note in it, a BookLover's Kit, packets and packets of teabags (I can't wait to try them all!), BC bumper stickers, a BC pencil, a floral notebook, sachets of coffee, chocolates, various little cards with great sayings etc on them (I'm going to keep some of them in my purse :)) and a box of Girl Scouts cookies (yum I can't wait to try them)." target=new>Dancesports - for sending me so many books! They were actually for 2 separate RABCKs but sent in one package.
Weird Surprise RABCK Exchange Vol 2 (hosted by ApoloniaX) - I received" target=new>Twitterature," target=new>Divine Secrets Of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and" target=new>The Stories Of Eva Luna and a weird blue ostrich figure.
Alphabet RABCK (hosted by z3CarGaragez) - I received 2 wishlist books," target=new>And The Ass Saw The Angel and" target=new>One Red Paperclip, and 2 other books" target=new>Life's Too F***ing Short and" target=new>Learn To Remember. I also got some stationery :)" target=new>mafarrimond - for my birthday present of a book I can't wait to read" targret=new>Jigs and Reels, a little card, an Easter Kit Kat bar and a satchet of Vanilla-flavoured hot choc drink." target=new>LadyIndigo - for a lovely birthday card, cute smiley face stickers and a Pisces postcard" target=new>glenystasmania - for a postcard sent from Bendigo" target=new>denny08 - for letting me fly! (wings given 13/3/10)" target=new>luckaye - for sending" target=new>Eat Pray Love and a bookmark via Bookmooch." target=new>Totje2 - for sending a wishlist book" target=new>A Thousand Splendid Suns and a great postcard as part of the Unknown Valentines Smiles Exchange (hosted by Bluemchenblatt)." target=new>glenystasmania - my super-generous birthday buddy sent me a huge bag of goodies! A canvas bag (I've run out of book bags so this came just in time :)), a BC keyring, some Australiana goodies (which will come in handy for future RABCKs), 2 packs of yummy tea, some stickers, 4 books!! (" target=new>War's End, and a Book Of Isle Trilogy by Nancy Springer of" target=new>The White Hart," target=new>The Silver Sun and" target=new>The Sable Moon), a handwritten letter, a friendship poem (I love this - Glenys wrote it herself) AND 3 wrapped packages and a sealed envelope that I won't open until my birthday :)" target=new>Makita21 - for sending me 2 wishlist books!" target=new>Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and" target=new>The Book Thief, and a stack of bookmarks and BC goodies, as part of nattabee's It's a Total Surprise RABCK Exchange. Thank you!" target=new>pinkbug1 - for sending me an awesome graphic novel from her own country titled" target=new>The Habu Hunter: Legend of the Okinawan White Habu as part of J4shaw's Intl Expat RABCK exchange." target=new>D-face - for sending me a wishlist book" target=new>In The Miso Soup" target=new>afraberg - for sending me" target=new>The Collector as a swap" target=new>LadyIndigo - for her 2010 Valentines Day pairing package (which included" target=new>Love Rules) - thanks to princess-peapod for hosting the RABCK" target=new>bblue23 - for sending me" target=new>The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat via Bookmooch" target=new>Vekiki - for sending a sock froggie. I gave it to my friend as a 'get well' present, who loves it :) He has named him Mr Excitement (it's a long story...)" target=new>nancynova - for her '12 Days Of Christmas' 3 French Hens package" target=new>juli2007 - for her Aussie RABCK package" target=new>solskinn - for sending" target=new>The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee and a handy magnetic bookmark as part of the Book And Bookmark Laugh Day Contest (International Version) (hosted by nattabee)

Feb 13 - glenystasmania (Tasmania, Australia)
Mar 29 - Tsjara (Noord-Holland, Netherlands)
Jun 14 - Totje2 (Leeuwarden, Netherlands)
Aug 11 - chucklesthescot (Renfrewshire, UK)
Sep 21 - mafarrimond (Wales, UK)

More about me...
I like most things antique / vintage, quirky / whimsical / kitsch. I seem to be attracted to anything stripey, especially when they're red and white stripey. "Amelie" and "PS. I Love You" are my most favourite "feel-good" movies of all time. I own more corsets than I can ever wear. I collect designer vinyl toys and stuffed toys. I like working with felt, especially making small felt toys and accessories. I'm trying to learn how to crochet. I photograph my toys in everyday situations, sort of like the "secret life of toys" kind of thing :) I love grand gothic cathedrals. I'm addicted to stationery. And going to the movies. I meditate. I love the darker side of things for the beauty and mystery in it, but never anything too morbid or distasteful (or cheesy!). I love being silly and having a laugh. Costume parties are my favourite kind. I like to paint surreal, dream-like scenes with creatures that usually look like bunnies. I like owls, bees, giraffes, bunnies, octopus, most forest animals, and basically anything cute. I also can't resist miniature things :) I have a bit of a collection. I make little clay figures of weird characters. I would like to host a Turkish tea party one day :) My favourite teas are Earl Grey, Russian Caravan, Irish Breakfast and herbal teas. I love strong teas. I also like anything exotic and fruity. (Not a fan of peppermint or anything minty or with cinnamon in it.) My favourite colours are aquamarine, teal (blue-green), forest green and regal purple. I especially love the colour combination of black, white and grey, with a hint of red somewhere. My favourite smells are fruity / sweet smells, especially watermelon, anything citrusy, mango, grape and apple.

Here's a small portion of my huge toy collection :)

" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Daisypath Anniversary tickers" />

SAY HELLO TO MY VIRTUAL PETS..." width="250" height="300" quality="high" bgcolor="ffffff" pluginspage="" flashvars="cn=hoggins&an=goofbunny&clr=0x136f53" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">" target=new>adopt your own virtual pet!" width="250" height="300" quality="high" bgcolor="ffffff" pluginspage="" flashvars="cn=seth&an=goofbunny&clr=0xcbcab7" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

adopt your own virtual pet!

You Are Alice" height="100" width="100">

You are curious, brave, and inquisitive. You can't help but be interested in the world around you.

You are a bit of a loner and a total daydreamer. Your inner world is very colorful and vivid.

At times, your real life seems dull and completely unbearable. You wish you could escape to a whole other world.

While you have a wild spirit, you are quite gentle and polite. You tend to observe more than act - and you tread lightly.

You Are Chai Tea" height="100" width="100">

There are many subtle sides to your personality. You are difficult to decode.

You are a complex and deep individual. You have many nuanced beliefs, and your mood frequently changes.

You are a creative and expressive person. You draw your inspiration from the whole world.

You enjoy exotic food, music, and travel. Your tastes are very international.

" alt="Enneagram">

Famous "Fours" :) - Ingmar Bergman, Alan Watts, Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morrisette, Paul Simon, Jeremy Irons, Patrick Stewart, Joseph Fiennes, Martha Graham, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Johnny Depp, Anne Rice, Rudolph Nureyev, J.D. Salinger, Anaîs Nin, Marcel Proust, Maria Callas, Tennessee Williams, Edgar Allan Poe, Annie Lennox, Prince, Michael Jackson, Virginia Woolf, Judy Garland, "Blanche DuBois" (Streetcar Named Desire), Thomas Merton.

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