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From Walthamstow, Greater London United Kingdom
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I've got much more into Bookcrossing since a Little Free Library was installed near where I live. I'm reading more books as a result. I've also started acquiring books without a home to Bookcross.

Join UK Bookcrossers at the Newcastle Unconvention from 29th-31st July 2022

If you want my address to send a RABCK: please contact Clairby11xxx who holds my address at all times.
This is courtesy of the RABCK Address Contacts forum thread.

I read more non-fiction than I used to. During the pandemic I’ve had no commuting time to read and I have found it much harder to read anything depressing. I’ve read more chick lit and humorous travelogues and books about rewilding and connecting to nature. I like Regency romance. I don’t like horror. I read series in order after collecting the whole series. If you give me a non-wishlist book which is not the first in a series, I will probably release it without reading it. Mount TBR is already too high! If you send me a book I really don’t want to read I will do my best to find it an appreciative home or wild release it.

For Not so secret parcels, exchanges and Oppem's Birthday Group - I like:

wishlist books, any book from the Tower Hamlets School Library Services Must Read 2021 list for my teacher friend (I’ll read and journal them before passing on).

Copies of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness for my teacher friend.

Milk chocolate, and chocolate bars with peanuts, raisins or nuts (no Nestlé please), Fazer Susu Original bars are perfect for me, toffee and caramel and chewy or soft sweets.

BC supplies (especially envelope reuse labels) and wings extensions,

Chatty letters, and nice stamps to save for other Bookcrossers.

Plant a tree (virtually via a charity or in your garden) or some insect friendly plants and tell me about it. I have a virtual grove of trees you can donate to here

Donate to, or volunteer for, a literacy charity and tell me about it. Or donate to, or volunteer for, your favourite charity and tell me about it.

Donkey-themed gifts and I like the Moomins especially Snorkmaiden and Little My.

Pen refills (Parker compatible ballpoint/Rollerball blue or black ink),

Postcards and writing paper (I’d love some more MC Escher Sky and Water writing paper/envelopes even if it was just one sheet, and I really like the kikki.K paper I've seen) .

Eco-friendly, ethical, plastic-free and fair-trade things too.

I don’t like:
fruit teas, green tea or flavoured black tea
Knick knacks or ornaments
Glitter, confetti, sequins, unless they are biodegradable

If you give me something which I’m not going to use, I will try my best to find it an appreciative home!

Books to read soon
Eighty Dollar Champion (wishlist tag - KarenBC)
On the Map (for the Uncon)

The Long Walk Home

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Books read in 2022
126. The Cornish Cream Tea Summer - Cressida McLaughlin
125. Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre - Bruno Vincent
124. Eleanor Rigby - Douglas Coupland
123. The Christmas Invitation - Trisha Ashley
122. They Both Die at the End - Adam Silvers
121. A Single Thread - Tracy Chevalier
120. One Way Street - Trevor Wood
119. The Christmas Promise - Sue Moorcroft
118. Concerning my Daughter - Kim Hye-Jin
117. Flatland - Edwin A Abbott
116. The Cosy Christmas Shop - Caroline Roberts
115. India Black and the Gentleman Thief - Carol K Carr
114. Life in Strangeways - Alan Lord
113. The Colditz Story - PR Reid
112. Christmas at the Comfort Food Café - Debbie Johnson
111. Fighting on the Home Front - Kate Adie
110. Underneath the Christmas Tree - Heidi Swain
109. Prince of Dreams - Lisa Kleypas
108. Open Grave - AM Peacock
107. What Falls Between the Cracks - Robert Scragg
106. Stories of Hope - Heather Morris
105. Piranesi - Susanna Clarke
104. The Summer Seekers - Sarah Morgan
103. Moominland Winter - Tove Jansson
102. I Give it a Year - Helen Whitaker
101. Christ Stopped at Eboli - Carlo Levi
100. The Secret Seaside Escape - Heidi Swain
99. You Are Awful (But I Like You) - Tim Moore
98. Poppy's Recipe for Life - Heidi Swain
97. My Name is Why? - Lemn Sissay
96. Where's My Hero? - Lisa Kleypas
95. Christmas at Mistletoe Cove - Holly Martin
94. A Notorious Love - Sabrina Jeffries
93. One Night With a Prince - Sabrina Jeffries
92. Now You See Me - Chris McGeorge
91. Yolk - Mary HK Choi
90. Surrender to a Scoundrel - Julianne MacLean
89. Map Addict - Mike Parker
88. An Unwilling Conquest - Stephanie Laurens
87. Because You're Mine - Lisa Kleypas
86. Love According to Lily - Julianne MacLean
85. Summer at Buttercup Beach - Holly Martin
84. A Rogue's Proposal - Stephanie Laurens
83. The Chemical Detective - Fiona Erskine
82. War Doctor - David Nott
81. Persons of Rank - Anna Jacobs
80. Confetti at the Cornish Cafe - Phillipa Ashley
79. Cellar Girl - Josefina Rivera
78. Reservation Blues - Sherman Alexie
77. A Rake's Vow - Stephanie Laurens
76. The Proposal - Mary Balogh
75. The Prison Doctor - Amanda Brown
74. Only Beloved - Mary Balogh
73. The Coming of the Wolf - Elizabeth Chadwick
72. The Five - Hallie Rubenhold
71 How to Catch a Duke - Grace Burrows
70. The Arrangement - Mary Balogh
69. The Fast 800 - Michael Mosley
68. Migrations - Charlotte McConaghy
67. The Private Life of the Hare - John Stempel-Lewis
66. Christmas at the Cornish Cafe - Phillipa Ashley
65. A Nurse's Story - Louise Curtis
64. The Captain's Kidnapped Beauty - Mary Nichols
63. A Country Escape - Katie Fforde
62. Circle Line - Steffan Meyric Hughes
61. First Comes Marriage - Mary Balogh
60. Summer at the Cornish Cafe - Phillipa Ashley
59. Mrs England - Stacey Halls
58. False Witness - Karin Slaughter
57. The Secret Shopper Unwrapped - Kate Harrison
56. Klara and the Sun - Kazuo Ishiguro
55. Only a Promise - Mary Balogh
54. Someone to Care - Mary Balogh
53. The Wise Woman - Philippa Gregory
52. Someone to Wed - Mary Balogh
51. Someone to Hold - Mary Balogh
50. The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures - Holly Hepburn
49. Killers of the Flower Moon - David Grann
48. The Country Village Summer Fete - Cathy Lake
47. Sowing Secrets - Trisha Ashley
46. Meet Me at Wisteria Cottage - Teresa Morgan
45. Other Minds - Peter Godfrey-Smith
44. What Abigail Did That Summer - Ben Aaronovitch
43. The Help - Kathryn Stockett
42. The Wilder Sisters - Jo-Ann Mapson
41. The Hate You Give - Angie Thomas
40. Sea of Lost Love - Santa Montefiore
39. The Year of Less - Cait Flanders
38. My Fake Rake - Eva Leigh
37. A Scurry of Squirrels - Polly Pullar
36. The Pursuits of Lord Kit - Stephanie Laurens
35. Counterfeit Earl / The Captain’s Return - Anne Herries, Elizabeth Bailey
34. Making Rounds with Oscar - David Dosa
33. The Wild Silence - Raynor Winn
32. Sunrise by the Sea - Jenny Colgan
31. Christmas at Little Beach Bakery - Jenny Colgan
30. Summer at Little Beach Bakery - Jenny Colgan
29. The Secret Commonwealth - Phillip Pullman
28. The Singular Pilgrim - Rosemary Mahoney
27. Let's Meet on Platform 8 - Carole Matthews
26. The Book of Trespass - Nick Hayes
25. An Endless Cornish Summer - Phillipa Ashley
24. The Cornish Hotel by the Sea - Karen King
23. A Cornish Affair - Liz Fenwick
22. Tripwire - Lee Child
21. The Holiday Cottage by the Sea - Holly Martin
20. A Christmas Cracker - Trisha Ashley
19. Christmas at the Island Hotel - Jenny Colgan
18. Fight or Flight - Samantha Young
17. Interior Chinatown - Charles Yu
16. Motive for Marriage - Linda Markowiak
15. Temporary Wife - Joan Kilby
14. The Offing - Benjamin Myers
13. Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody
12. The Bridgertons Happily Ever After - Julia Quinn
11. Beloved - Toni Morrison.
10. Regency Surrender - Janice Preston
9. Owl Feathers - Robin Payton
8. Devil's Bride - Stephanie Laurens
7. Silhouette Christmas Stories - various
6. Bloody Brilliant Women - Cathy Newman
5. The Marriage Wager - Candace Camp
4. To Love and to Loathe - Martha Waters
3. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey - Fiona Carnarvon
2. Kicking the Bucket List - Cathy Hopkins
1. Brightstorm - Vashti Hardy

Books read in 2021 - 218

Books read in 2020 - 201

Books read in 2019 - 178

Books read in 2018 - 195

Books read in 2017 - 142

Books read in 2016 - 161

Books read in 2015 - 153

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