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I've got much more into Bookcrossing since a Little Free Library was installed near where I live. I'm reading more books as a result. I've also started acquiring books without a home to Bookcross.

Join UK Bookcrossers at the Newcastle Unconvention from 29th-31st July 2022

If you want my address to send a RABCK: please contact Clairby11xxx who holds my address at all times.
This is courtesy of the RABCK Address Contacts forum thread.

I read more non-fiction than I used to. During the pandemic I’ve had no commuting time to read and I have found it much harder to read anything depressing. I’ve read more chick lit (helps me get to sleep) and humorous travelogues and books about rewilding and connecting to nature. I like Regency romance. I don’t like horror. I read series in order after collecting the whole series. If you give me a non-wishlist book which is not the first in a series, I will probably release it without reading it. Mount TBR is already too high! If you send me a book I really don’t want to read I will do my best to find it an appreciative home or wild release it.

For Not so secret parcels, exchanges and Oppem's Birthday Group - I like:

wishlist books, my preference is for the chick lit books on my wishlist because they help me get to sleep and I get through them very quickly. I also pass them on to a friend who is also a poor sleeper and a friend who has health problems. They really appreciate them even if they don’t journal them and they put them on community bookshelves once they have finished with them.

I’ve recently found out that I have a poor blood sugar response and so I’m eating less sweet stuff. I’m trying to eat dark chocolate rather than milk and I prefer it with mint or fruit and or whole nuts. That way it has a smaller effect on my blood sugar. I’m trying not to eat sweets at all.

Marmite cashews or peanuts and other plain, salted and roasted nuts. I love macadamia nuts in any form, they are probably my favourite nut. I don’t like walnuts but my mum does so they’d never be wasted.

BC supplies (especially bookplates and envelope reuse labels) and wings extensions (please tell me because I can never remember when they are due to run out),

Chatty letters, and nice stamps to save for other Bookcrossers.

Plant a tree (virtually via a charity or in your garden) or some insect friendly plants and tell me about it. I have a virtual grove of trees you can donate to here

Loose black tea (unflavoured) and non fruity caffeine-free herbal teas, especially mint tea. I drink a lot of Pukka teas - Three Mint, Three Ginger and Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey. I drink ground coffee but never instant.

Donate to, or volunteer for, a literacy charity and tell me about it. Or donate to, or volunteer for, your favourite charity and tell me about it.

Donkey-themed gifts and I like the Moomins especially Snorkmaiden and Little My.

Pen refills (Parker compatible ballpoint/Rollerball blue or black ink),

Postcards and writing paper.

Eco-friendly, ethical, plastic-free and fair-trade things too.

My skin has become very sensitive so I only use very gentle natural products with essential oils. Deodorants with bicarbonate of soda give me a rash.

I don’t like:
fruit teas, green tea or flavoured black tea
Knick knacks or ornaments
Glitter, confetti, sequins, unless they are biodegradable

If you give me something which I’m not going to use, I will try my best to find it an appreciative home!

Books to read soon
Bus-Pass Britain wishlist tag for kirjakko
Tiny Islands for kirjakko
The Idle Traveller
Britt-Marie for russbaum
July’s Book Club read
Nothing to Envy for LittleSuz
Red Sauce Brown Sauce

Books to Send
Ray books

Books sent
Two wishlist books to kiwiinengland with her NSS

74. The Gifts of Reading - Robert Macfarlane
73. One Summer in Cornwall - Karen King
72. The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop - Abby Clements
71. The Plot - Madeleine Bunting
70. Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop - Abby Clements
69. A Very Lucky Christmas - Lilac Mills
68. Follow the Money - Paul Johnson
67. The Sum of all Kisses - Julia Quinn
66. Medicine Death - Carolyn Jourdan
65. The Quiche of Death - MC Beaton
64. Mind Over Murder - Allison Kingsley
63. My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises - Fredrick Backman
62. Christmas at the Little Waffle Shack - Helen J. Rolfe
61. The Telephone Box Library - Rachael Lucas
60. The Dead Queen's Garden - Nicola Slade
59. Raining Cats and Dogs - Doreen Tovey
58. Walking the Himalayas - Levison Wood
57. A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home - Sue Halpern
56. The Summer of Serendipity - Ali McNamara
55. Us Against You - Fredrick Backman
54. High Tide - Veronica Henry
53. A Summer to Remember - Sue Moorcroft
52. Love Always - Harriet Evans
51. Chasing the Italian Dream - Jo Thomas
50. Maureen - Rachel Joyce
49. Summer at the Castle Café - Donna Ashcroft
48. The Good, the Bad, the Furry - Tom Cox
47. Coming Home to Winter Island - Jo Thomas
46. Wish You Were Here - Phillipa Ashley
45. The Little Bookshop at Herry Cove - Kellie Hailes
44. The Blue Suitcase - Marianne Wheelaghan
43. Lost Dogs and /lonely Hearts - Lucy Dillon
42. The Silent Wife - Karin Slaughter
41. The Divine Feline - Belinda Alexandra
40. The Secret Service of Tea and Treason - India Holton
39. The Pleasures of Passion - Sabrina Jeffries
38. Switch - Chip Heath
37. The Plumed Bonnet - Mary Balogh
36. The Famous Heroine - Mary Balogh
35. Wild Life - John Lewis-Stempel
34. Only a Duke Will Do - Sabrina Jeffries
33. A Secret Cornish Summer - Phillipa Ashley
32. The Years - Annie Ernaux
31. The Corner Shop om Foxmore Green - Lilac Mills
30. Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race - Renni Eddo-Lodge
29. Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market - Nicola May
28. Welcome to Ferry Lane Market - Nicola May
27. The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay - Nicola May
26. A Little in Love - Florence Keeling
25. A Woman's Game -nSuzanne Wrack
24. Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop - Rebecca Raisin
23. Aria's Travelling Book Shop - Rebecca Raisin
22. One Step Too Far - Lisa Gardner
21. Before She Disappeared - Lisa Gardner
20. Hotel du Lac - Anita Brookner
19. Tales from Moominvalley - Tove Jansson
18. Rosie's Travelling Tea Shop - Rebecca Raisin
17. Adventure - Book Week Scotland
16. Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed - Jo Beverley
15. Live Alone and Like It - Marjorie Hillis
14. A Cornish Summer's Kiss - Jo Bartlett
13. Very Valentine - Adriana Trigiani
12. Ordinary Grace - William Kent Krueger
11. Someone to Hold - Mary Balogh
10. Kingstone - Katherine Hetzel
9. Two Weddings and a Baby - Scarlett Bailey
8. Eleven Poems About Football
7. The Night Before Christmas - Scarlett Bailey
6. Infamous - Lex Croucher
5. People Person - Candice Carty-Williams
4. A Bachelor Establishment - Jodi Taylor
3. The Phantom Husband - Alana Clayton
2. The Gingerbread Café - Anita Faulkner
1. Kiwis Might Fly - Polly Evans

Books read in 2023 - 256

Books read in 2022 -238

Books read in 2021 - 218

Books read in 2020 - 201

Books read in 2019 - 178

Books read in 2018 - 195

Books read in 2017 - 142

Books read in 2016 - 161

Books read in 2015 - 153

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