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I currently live in Sumter, SC with my husband and our five cats. We are both retired. Bookcrossing has given me a lot of fun between the challenges and just finding interesting places to release the books. Yes, I do read a lot! I stock up every year at the friends of the library book sale. Now I will have specific things to look for to plan for the various challenges.

01/18/2010 I haven't been ignoring bookcrossings, but so many things have been going on in my personal life I just haven't had the time. Illness and deaths have taken over. I will be back soon.

05/18/15 I'm back. Actually I've been back for a couple weeks now and have been releasing books both controlled and wild around Sumter, SC again. I guess I got discouraged when I realized I was the only one here in Sumter doing this, but hey! what the heck. I published a couple poetry books in my time away and hope you will check them out on - Where Hearts Believe by Bonita Rivas-Johnson and Somewhere Between by Bonita Rivas-Johnson. See you in the release challenges and the chit chat forum.

12/28/16 I have been told I should write my story about how I ended up in this mess. It started last December 16 when I woke up with excruciating back pain, nausea and diarrhea. After weeks of my doctor treating only the diarrhea, with no success and not willing to send me for tests I changed doctors. She ordered sent me to a spine doctor who did xrays and an mri. they found swollen lymph nodes and diagnosed me with lymphoma and sent me to a cancer doctor. (i can't see the screen well and it' taking to longto keep going back and fixing my typos so please excuse them)... i was put in the hos[ital while they ran tests and it was found i had sarcoidosis. it was treated with prednisone and it should have gone away but it didn't. so my doctor tried mexatrexalate and that made me collapse with renal failure, a bad lung infection - i now have only 50%lung capacity. i got pneumonia and spent a cpl weeks in the hospital fighting for my llife. from there i went to acute rehab and from there to covenant place. there the doctor over medicated me on antibiotics and i ended u[ with cdif and spent 2 months lying in a hospital bed. at the end of that time i couldn't stand let alone walk. so came to Sumter Health and Rehab. i have been here 5 weeks and gone from not being able to sit up or hold a hair brush to walking a bit with a walker. so what happens? the paper work got screwed up for my weekly progress report so my therapy for this week never got approved! there always seems to be something standing in the way of my recovery from mistakes doctors made that put me here in the first place. okay that's a quick abridged version of what has happened to me.

What it Cost

Daily rates = $200
weekly rates= $1400
monthly rates = $6000
that' what it cost

to make me whole again.
Daily rates = $200
it was worth the price.
monthly rates - $6000

three months of therapy
to make me whole again
I can walk with a walker now
it was worth the cost

the struggle and pain of
three months of therapy
a daily fight to make progress
I can walk with a walker now

from weak as a baby
the struggle and pain of
hard work and determination and
a daily fight to make progress.

From weak as a baby
that's what it cots
hard work and determination and
daily rates = $200

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