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Thanks for taking time to read my profile.

I live in Kentucky, always have, probably always will. A lot of us Kentuckians are kinda stuck in our spots. lol
I live near the Renfro Valley Barn Dance, founded by John Lair, in 1939, and have lots of great memories of being there as a child with my grand parents. Some older people may recall listening to the Sunday Morning Gathering on the radio and the program is still being broadcast today.

I am married to a fantastically, wonderful guy from Bath, England (we met on the net)and he has become stuck, as well, in Kentucky. We are huge Kevin Smith fans!

We have 10 cats and 1 dog, and all are are too spoiled for words and each have an elaborate, made-up history, starting with their far fetched names.

And even though he is no longer with us, we cannot forget our beloved Mr. Ashley P. Smith M.D., who we lost 10/31/2004, five years to the day we first brought him home. He had infectious peritonitis, and we are devastated to lose him.

Several people have thought my screen name is putt-as in golf- but it is Put, as in "PUT down the book and come to bed." My beloved grandfather nicknamed me this, no idea why he did it, but I cherish the name.

I collect postcards- any kind at all, used or blank, all things Westie (west highland white terrier dog), and I love books and movies.

I scrapbook, rubber stamp, and make greeting cards, and enjoy making ceramics when I can get to the shop- which is never.

I love audio books!


Some are listed here on Cliff's site

Lost Works of Stephen King by Stephen J. Spignesi

Any book by or about John Lair or the Renfro Valley Barn Dance.

505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages by Dan Crowley

Bill Clinton's book.

Jon Stewart's book.

Books about postcards, England, cats, West Highland White Terriers, Random Acts of Kindness, Michael Moore, and humor

True crime- anything along the lines of serial killers, real life mafia, real forensics- books by or containing work by Dr. Baden, Dr. Bass, real cases and manuals/books, criminal profilers like Park Dietz, John Douglas, Robert Ressler

McDuff series books by Rosemary Wells- I have not read the last three books that have been released

I am looking for the Tightwad Gazette Volume 1.


My husband- politics, Kentucky history, ghosts, UFO/ET's, paranormal, Dean Koontz (Oddkins is the big one he is looking for, his copy was left in England :( ), Michael Moore, Kevin Smith, George Carlin, other humor books

My father- westerns- he reads 5 or more books a week

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