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BookCrossing Makes Author's Novel!!

Lori Lansen's "A Wife's Tale" introduces BookCrossing in her newest Novel
by JuneBug31
December 8, 2009
Imagine my surprise today as I was reading Lori Lansens' newest novel titled:
The Wife's Tale, when reading page 213, she mentions BookCrossing as part of the story!!! Can you believe that? Wow, you know people aretaking notice of us if authors are now using BookCrossing as script in their novels.

On page 213, the story is about Mary Gooch, the main character, who is staying in a hotel in California. While waiting in the lobby for a taxi, which she's told will be "...half an hour to forty-five..." minutes, she spies a bookcase piled with books. This is where BookCrossing briefly enters the novel:

"Her attention was caught by the bookcase, where she spied, miraculously, the bestseller she had begun to read on the plane and had lost along with the purse. Uncertain as to whether, as in a library, she was required to sign the book out, she approached the counter to ask, "Can I read this?"

"Uh-huh," the woman responded without looking up from her computer screen.

"Do I have to pay? Do I have to sign it out?"

"They're for guests. Most of them are from BookCrossing. This location's
a favourite drop-off."

"BookCrossing?" Mary asked blankly.

The young woman looked up, smiling through her irritation. "People leave
books for other people. They do it all around the world. BookCrossing."
(She might have added the teen-aged refrain - duh.)


"To share books." (Again- duh.)

So, proud creators of BookCrossing, stand up and take a bow. You've done
well, you're in a novel!!!

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