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Medium   by Susan Jacoby

ISBN: 1591330920
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Hit by a car and left for dead on a San Diego street, it is only because of her indomitable will that professional triathlete Zoey Morgan is able to fight her way back from death's door. Too bad she left behind in that nether world, not only her memory of the vehicular assault, but the events that led up to it. When the attacks against her escalate, and the police seem to regard Zoey more as a suspect than a victim, she must struggle alone to save her own life. Questions come to dominate her life, while answers remain illusive. What about Willi Bogs? Why does she feel such intense hatred for the gentle troubadour who achieved fame only after his death? What about the switch-blade? Why, when they brought her into the emergency room, did they find it taped to her ankle? Fearing the loss of the man she loves, manager Martin Nolan Wright, Zoey pulls away from Marty. Is it a coincidence that she felt estranged from him only when the sparks began to fly between her and Dale Terry, the man who saved her life? Yet her trust may be misplaced. Dale seems torn by a loyalty that overrides the attraction he feels for Zoey, and his secret agenda may destroy her. As the pressure mounts, Zoey longs to give in to her lifelong pattern of fleeing. But when the threat spreads beyond her, to her friends and her sport, she recognizes if she's to truly earn the tough triathlete cred she takes such pride in, she must stand firm and fight. Though when her memory fog closes in tighter, and she doesn't know which of her friends to trust, the things this enigmatic heroine doesn't understand about herself just might get her killed.

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