by Alice Campbell (acampbell)

BookCrossing is the best thing since sliced bread! I'm in the process of 'letting go' of a very voluminous library of mostly paperbacks that I can no longer hope to read (I had a stroke about a year ago that clobbered my reading vision). I was very reluctant to dispose of any of them. I used to read a paperback per day and had bunches stacked up waiting for me. Just looking at the bookshelf used to be such a delight of anticipation. I finally admitted to myself that I'll never read them all, and keeping them was making me feel guilty, like I was depriving somebody else of the pleasure. Just dumping them at the local library wasn't good enough. So when I discovered BookCrossing, my problems were solved! I've already sent out 3, and I plan to slap those bookplates on lots of others and drop them off everywhere! It feels so good to know that somebody, somewhere might pick one up and report back. I use a full page label (sticky on one side) that I print the bookplates on. It's so easy! Thanks so much for starting BookCrossing!

by Ed (ED)

I think that BookCrossing is a great idea! I like the idea of knowing where my books or anything else goes after I part with it. I like tracking US currency at wheresgeorge.com and heard about it there. It's a great idea that will let people connect with one another. Keep up the good work.

by Lorraine White (windsong1956)

What a wonderful idea. I often give the books away and wonder where the my end up. I also buy a lot of books at thrift stores and such and wonder where they have been. Rarely do I find any clues other than possibly a name or someones initals. Occassionally I find out more, like the time I found a ticket stub for a flight out of Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle. That was exciting since I had been there recently. I had purchased the book here in Alabama and wondered where the else the book may have been. With BookCrossing I will be able to find out where my books have traveled. I just released several books in my local area and am anxiously waiting to see where they go.

by Jody Seay (jodybob)

My first novel, The Second Coming of Curly Red, has now been launched into the wonderful world of BookCrossing's Read & Release Program! What a fabulous idea - and now I know what to do with all those spare copies sitting out in my garage. Not only that, I have enrolled friends and book club members to do the same - with my book and others they feel passionate about. It will be fun to track them and see where they wind up. Let's get the whole world reading and talking books, feelings and ideas which connect us all.

by Robin (Robin)

This is a great idea. I've been doing an informal version myself for a few years. When I read a good book, I often pass it on and tell the person who's receiving it to pass it on to someone else. I'll look at my bookshelves tonight to see what I can send out!

by N/A (SerenityBlue)

I can't believe what an activist I have become since Eleanor told me about this wonderful site. I have purchased books just for the purpose of releasing and have soon made it to the leader board. I have dropped books off at different events and organizations in the hopes that the word will spread. I have great aspirations that Toronto will become a leader in the bookcrossing community. My friends and family are giving me books to register as well as my neighbours. I'd love to put a big sign outside my house so that people passing would know that it was a book crossing promoter. I am considering purchasing a sign from the bookstore! I have attended my first meeting and it was a thrill to meet people of such diversity and like-mindedness. The meetings give us a lot besides trading books. I have learned that Sci Fi and Fantasy is a broad category and have opened my mind and will try to see if I can get into this type of book. I have had e-mails from books crossers in Canada and in America and am delighted to spend a few dollars to mail my books anywhere if I know that they are going to be read and someone goes to all that trouble to seek a book they specifically want. I gained 13 new books at the meet up and enjoyed it immensely. I had so much fun talking with all the attendees and it was a pleasure to be around folks who really believe altruism. Book Crossers are a different breed of humanity and love to share and enjoy meeting new people as well as promoting authors they enjoy. Wow again! Thanks for giving me a great new cause.

by DJ Heinlein (dallasjay)

I should say you guys need to pay your library fines, because the idea behind BookCrossing is long overdue! I accidentally bumped in to this website while searching the Internet for book clubs that I can join. Once I read the purpose and idea behind BookCrossing, I knew immediately that this site can be a great benefit to literacy. It adds a new amount of fun and excitement to reading. What Pay It Forward did to the idea of giving to others, Book Crossing can do to literacy and reading. This is an awesome idea that I fell in love with instantly. I'm sure this is one dot-com company that cannot fail! Congratulations on the good work!

by Suzanne Gutterson (BARCUS)

Love this idea. Nothing to sell. No hidden agenda. No "catch" (which took some explaining to skeptical friends). Just sharing soul food with someone "out there." Who they are isn't important... nor what they do or not do for a living. Someone who responds is on the same beam; if not and they throw it in the trash or just silently pass it on is part of the intrique and mystery and adventure.

by Stella Giacomazzi (StellaG)

What a terrific idea! Every time I read a book that captures me, I want to run out and share it with the world. Now - I can!!! I've actually been doing a variety of this with magazines (and some books) for a while. To do it with books and then also be able to track them is even better. What a lovely way to make this small planet a little more neighborly!

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