by Lyda Morehouse (lyda222)

BookCrossing is a really cool idea, if for no other reason than that it would be really fun to see where and how my book travels. Talk about getting a strong connection with your readers! As a brand new author, especially, I think it's fascinating... I've even bought back some of my advance review copies that ended up on eBay just to see the return address of who had them! Plus, the act of publishing, in itself, is a kind of read and release program... except not nearly as personal. The book will travel from reader to reader this way, but with Book Crossings I could actually see the progress of a book through the lives of my readers. I have some other friends who are science fiction writers and I'm going to tell them about this idea... hopefully some more authors will be signing up. Some of them might get all wonky about lost royalities, but, truthfully, this is what readers do... and I for one prefer to celebrate the process. I mean, I wrote to get paid, but more than that I wrote to be read. I just signed up (under lyda222) and registered my novel, Archangel Protocol. I'm looking foward to releasing it in the wild this weekend. Believe me, I'll be watching! I've bookmarked BookCrossing.com!

by yazi (yazi)

I am a bona-fide BookCrossing junkie. How could anyone who loves reading and sharing books not become totally hooked? There are more reasons to have a passion for this website than can be fully expressed, without creating an additonal site, just to contain them! With that in mind, I'll try my best to simplify: Economics: Any author or bookseller who is concerned about dips in book sales here is utterly misguided. Since joining BookCrossing, I am on an interminable prowl for books. In the past, my estimated book consumption via personal purchase or received gifts was about 50 per year. In only two months of active BookCrossing, my contribution to book sales at corporate stores and mom-and-pop operations has exceeded that figure! BookCrossing has fueled this in three ways:

  1. Some books are purchased, thanks to the candid reviews offered here. Does every shopper believe the rave reviews, chosen by marketing departments? I would rather hear it from regular book lovers who do not depend on writing reviews for a living.
  2. I have amassed a stockpile of unread books from genres I do not enjoy (i.e. Romance) for the purpose of trading or simply sharing.
  3. Multiple copies of most-loved books are purchased for "wild" releases.
Get out your calculators, profesional skeptics! Surely I am not alone, in my economy-boosting, torrid, book fixation. When you consider the number of books going all over the world, you will find that even the postal system, reaps the benefits. Postmasters everywhere, should be smiling too! Convenience: Like so many people, there is no time in my hectic schedule for joining a book club that meets in person. BookCrossing is accessible at any hour, every day. This website popped up on Google while searching for book clubs. I could have gone to any site and joined, but would have been relying on someone else, whose tastes may vary radically from mine, to send me books. Why risk getting books that don't appeal? If I like a specific author or book, the Forum is an incredible resource for recommendations. The software that drives this site encourages interaction, because it is fun and easy to use. Community: People are the most important reasons to love BookCrossing! BookCrossers are some of the most interesting, intelligent, and downright nice people with whom you'll ever interact. This website is a wonderful place to visit if road rage or your boss has irked you. The majority of BookCrossers are in it for the giving. Good Karma abounds here each day. A personal story about an act of kindness: A BookCrosser, Tayro, mailed a book from Canada to the U.S.A. to fullfill a longtime wish of one of my friends. She asked for nothing in return. Wow! My friend is still floating on air! There are also numerous journal entries from book-finders that express their delight in cominng accross a book, with no-strings-attached. If you join this website, you will not regret it. You may be adding your testimonial, before you know it. An important footnote: Thank you Ron and associates, for making this possible. Thank you even more for protecting member information. When I took the plunge and joined, only the fear of getting spam or junkmail made me pause. Because I haven't found ANY negatives of that nature, I keep coming back. At the rate I am accumulating books, I'll be getting a gold star soon. What better way to spare my hand from writing cramps? Viva la BookCrossing.com!

by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. (samvak)

Take BookCrossing.com. On the face of it, it presents no profound challenge to established publishing practices and to the modern concept of intellectual property. Members register their books, obtain a BCID (BookCrossing ID Number) and then give the book to someone, or simply leave it lying around for a total stranger to find. Henceforth, fate determines the chain of events. Eventual successive owners of the volume are supposed to report to BookCrossing (by e-mail) about the books and their whereabouts, thereby generating moving plots and mapping the territory of literacy and bibliomania. This innocuous model subversively undermines the concept - legal and moral - of ownership. It also expropriates the book from the realm of passive, inert objects and transforms it into a catalyst of human interactions across time and space. In other words, it returns the book to its origins: a time capsule, a time machine and the embodiment of a historical narrative. Read more at samvak.tripod.com.

by Katherine Rogers (KMR)

Please, please close this site - it's just taking too much of my time and attention! I've just had my first successful release and I can't stop registering books. My boyfriend has always hated the fact that I've had so many books around but I never knew what to do with them until I found this site. Now every time I go out, I take BookCrossing books with me. I've told all my friends and family about it. Seriously, thank you so much - I check the site daily just to see if I can find new books. I read a lot and don't want to keep so many of the books I buy, have always given them away but now I have a way to find out what happens to them once I've finished. There are very few ideas I've come accross so inspirational as this and I'm just sorry I didn't think of it first. The whole world a library - what a vision!

by Susan Gilbert (foxfire)

I just wanted to tell you this is the most original piece of creative thinking I've run across in years. I've been a teacher on and off and always tried to find clever ways to encourage my kids to read and spread the word about the joys of reading. This idea has all the anarchy, gypsy spirit and in-your-face attitude that appeals to my students. It plays with the concepts of ownership, not just of ideas, but the very need to posses books at all. It undermines the idea that books are elitist by making them not only free, but freely available everywhere you go. And the discovery of a book in an unlikely place is a small thrilling adventure all on its own. I've already registered 19 books that were released today and have a big box at home yet to go. I'm putting my students to work gathering books of their own to register and release as a class project. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for a great idea and wonderful teaching tool!

by Jan Moran (JanMoran)

BookCrossing is a fabulous idea; what a unique way to share the beloved books we hold so dear, books that have touched our hearts and, because of your efforts, will now go on to touch so many more. As an author, I write in solitude. What a great way to follow our little "children," to learn of their deeds--or misdeeds!--along the way. I'll spread the word to other authors and booksellers, too; after all, we all share books, even though we love to see them sold. Congratulations on BookCrossing.com, a beautiful, fun, and easy-to-use web site. I wish you much success! Be sure to check out my two books, Fabulous Fragrances I and II, at www.fabulousfragrances.com

by SerenityBlue (SerenityBlue)

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From every country a to z! Whew!

by Patricia LeBlanc (Pearle)

I am so pleased to say that I have registered two books here at BookCrossing.com, and the first one went out about two weeks ago. I actually passed it on with a BookCrossing label inside, to a cashier at Indigo Books in Toronto. She was a little apprehensive at first but after reading the label she was thrilled, and promised to pass it on. This is a brilliant idea, and should become a popular activity.

by MonkeyGirl (MonkeyGirl)

I have been a where's georger since August 2001 and I just found the link to your web site on the where's george cool links page. This is great! I already leave books around already so this is a great site. Whenever I travel, I always visit a used books store and buy some cheap paperbacks, sometimes star trek cheap fiction, sometimes a classic. When I am traveling and I finish reading one of these books, I always leave them in my hotel or hostel, or in some common room somewhere, with a little note saying "free! take me!" (I do this because I rarely read a book twice and I hate to carry around unnecessary items when traveling.) Since I do this anyway, and I like to track things picked up by strangers, this is the perfect site for me! I just joined today and I am leaving on a trip on Tuesday so I hope to have my first book registered soon. Thanks for putting this site together!!!

by Rachel Weber (pink-halo)

In elementary school, every year the school organized a function to encourage students to read. For three months, the library kept track of how many books were taken out. At the end of the term, hundreds of helium-filled balloons, one for each book read, were distributed to the students to release out in the wild. In each balloon there was a slip of paper telling the finder to send a postcard to the school and tell them where the balloon wound up. BookCrossing is very much like that to me. I am so glad to have found this site. Thanks for letting me relive a cherished event as an adult! There is such pleasure in sharing a beloved book with someone.

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