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zimra 7 yrs ago | 14 replies
Hi Everyone. I may have missed something somewhere, but It appears you can no longer purchase BC Plastic bags (for putting books into when releasing outdoors when exposed to the elements) in the Store anymore. What happe…

zimra 12 yrs ago | 2 replies
So we can release in realtimea nd check for released books in realtime.

zimra 12 yrs ago | 1 replies
Have just registered this book, is in v.good condition, hardback. Anyone interested? Zimra

zimra 12 yrs ago | 5 replies
Choose a book from my available titles. Restricted to those that leave in Oceanania (New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands) due to costs. In celebrations of my 1000th book registered.

zimra 13 yrs ago | 8 replies

zimra 13 yrs ago
for some reason stopped growing vertically at 15yrs old. A documentry showed here in NZ a few says ago showing a Kiwi "Little Person" going to the LP Conference over in America, and apparenlty I miss out on being classif…

zimra 13 yrs ago I was inspired by seeing a youtube clip by another BCXer in the UK i think, havent had them JE'd yet, I put them in a snaplock b…

zimra 13 yrs ago | 1 replies
When registering books, upon entering the ISBN into that feild thingie fingers crossed it comes up with the books details right....right...then I copy and paste the title into amazon for example, and that should bring up…

zimra 13 yrs ago
even thought I cant afford wings right now, Its still easy to forgot it still costs to run what non-wingers get for free.

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