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sandyundead 6 mos ago | 1 replies
I'm based in the UK and have been reading the Stephanie Plum series. As I finish them it would be great to send them to somebody who wants the series too. 11 and 12 are ready to go. 13-15 TBR, and I suspect my mum has a …

sandyundead 12 yrs ago
Discovered Gaiman last year, having read Good Omens years ago - one of my favourite books - because of the Pratchett connection. Would love to read this!

sandyundead 14 yrs ago | 1 replies
After the discussion with the techs at the Convention today :) I wanted to post a couple of the problems that I've had with the release pages, although I'm not sure if this is the right place to do it! I use a Mac, with…

sandyundead 15 yrs ago | 2 replies
I have been challenged by suedo to find more new Bookcrossers in Paraguay in one year than she can find in a little English town called Spennymoor in the time before July 2007. So far the score is 1-1. I am teaching Eng…

sandyundead 16 yrs ago
Vielen Dank fuer alle ihre Vorschlaeger. Ich mache nicht die Rings im Moment, weil ich nicht weis, wo ich sein werde, wenn sie bie mir kommen sollen (?!) Im Juli fahre ich an einem Jahr im Ausland fuer mein Studieren. …

sandyundead 16 yrs ago | 7 replies
Hallo! Ich bin englische Studentin. Ich suche Hoerbuche um mein Deutsch zu verbessern. Ich habe gerade Illuminati, die Nachtwache, Trainspotting und ein CD von kurze Geschichte (vielen Dank!) und ich finde sie sehr hilf…

sandyundead 16 yrs ago
Bonjour a tous! Je suis etudiante anglaise qui voudrait ameliorer mon francais avec les livres enregistres. S'il y a quelqu'un qui peut m'envoyer des livres enregistres je serai heureuse :) Merci! Sandy/sandyundead h…

sandyundead 16 yrs ago | 2 replies
!Hola! Soy estudiante ingles. Quiero practicar mi espanyol con los audiolibros. Si alguien tiene un que puedes enviarme, !sera muy contente! Sandy

sandyundead 16 yrs ago
...although Spanish is a bit more tentative, as I started learning it in October 2004 and havn't set foot in a Spanish speaking country yet, so am not as confident. Also try to listen to talking books in my second langu…

sandyundead 16 yrs ago
Hi netstation, Thought I would let you know that as of this morning there is an OBCZ at the Undercroft Restaurant in Durham Cathedral. Thanks! sandyundead

sandyundead 17 yrs ago
Here is a group for anyone in and around Durham in the North-East of England. It will be used to organise meets (the first one will probably be in June 2005).

sandyundead 17 yrs ago
Don't remember the title - just being really proud when I had finished it. And the first book I read without pictures (when I was 8) was a book of short stories by Roald Dahl - I can't remember the title of that either -…

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