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nancyluvsbooks 6 yrs ago
...with The Black Box by Michael Connelly This is the next book on my TBR list. I will finish the current book I'm reading today, & will start The Black Box today or tomor…

nancyluvsbooks 6 yrs ago
I received The Old Man and the Sea today. It was such a nice surprise to hear from you & get a book from my Wishlist!

nancyluvsbooks 12 yrs ago
Nancyluvsbooks' A-Z Challenge List A = Ashley - RELEASED B = Banks - RELEASED C = Childs -…

nancyluvsbooks 12 yrs ago
I would like to join this challenge! This will give me incentive to read new authors as well as help me decide what to read next! Thank you so much for posting this challenge!

nancyluvsbooks 13 yrs ago
Released DRACULA by Bram Stoker at Lifeblood where people go to give blood. Here's the journal entry: Happy Halloween!

nancyluvsbooks 14 yrs ago
I've just started this book, which our local Bookcrossing meetup group won free copies of from, thanks to the efforts of our leader, Mississippimom! This is a beautiful, full-sized hardcover book that h…

nancyluvsbooks 16 yrs ago
the start of the challenge. I stated that day that I had registered 200. Am registering more today, though, and will post again.

nancyluvsbooks 16 yrs ago | 1 replies
There was a wonderful article about Bookcrossing, Memphis Bookcrossing members, and our newest OBCZ in today's Memphis Commercial Appeal. Way to go Memphis BC'ers! Here's the link:…

nancyluvsbooks 16 yrs ago | 4 replies
Okay, I take it back. I see that she's in Illinois. The one who burned me is in New York. So it's probably not the same one. But I would still be cautious.

nancyluvsbooks 16 yrs ago
Anyone who asks for that many books is up to no good. This is probably the same person who burned me for three books and keeps re-registering when she gets caught and shut down.

nancyluvsbooks 16 yrs ago
Thank you TracyShannon for this great idea! I would have donated something had I known about it earlier, but I would like to donate something in the next contest. Anyway, BC-KUDOs!

nancyluvsbooks 16 yrs ago
Thank you so much for this sweet gesture. I got conned out of three books, but I have so many TBR's right now that I need to slow down on the intake. So I will decline, but bless you!

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