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luckaye 2 yrs ago
Almost worth staying in lockdown on my 20th wedding anniversary - yes, I got married on April Fool's Day - seemed like the perfect day to get married to me LOL

luckaye 3 yrs ago
Thank you to my fab Secret Santa who totally spoilt me! Love the recycled wrapping & the tea. Smells divine! Hubby says that I am not allowed to open until Xmas Day - spoilsport! LOL

luckaye 12 yrs ago
Rhiana enjoyed going through the bag to find new books and to move a few of hers on :)

luckaye 12 yrs ago
I just received this book last week - guess I will have to wait until next year to read it ..... LOL

luckaye 12 yrs ago Another book that has been on my shelf awaiting a label. I am on a Jeffrety Deaver kick at the moment as I have a few on my shelf.

luckaye 12 yrs ago I have had this on my shelf for w hile but I ran out of labels when I got it so I didn't register until I read the book.

luckaye 12 yrs ago
I remember the time I won this and it was so much fun! hugs Lucie

luckaye 12 yrs ago | 1 replies
Via Not sure that it counts for your release challenge though I will add the information you have supplied to the journal entry.

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