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jennannej 2 days ago | 4 replies
I'm headed to Portugal for the first time on April 21. Flying into Lisbon but then I'm headed up to Porto the following weekend. Looks like I'm going to miss out on a meetup! Perhaps I can console myself by visiting s…

jennannej 2 wks ago
I know San Diego is not very active on the Bookcrossing scene, but would anyone be interested in a meetup and book swap? Perhaps in Balboa Park or Mission Bay (if our weekend rainstorms ever stop)? Because I haven't m…

jennannej 9 mos ago
I haven't been able to look up a single book today when registering. I've been manually entering everything.

jennannej 1 yr ago
Oh my. I don't think I can handle any more Kafka and I didn't do so well on my last Umberto Eco book. Maybe the Kundera though....

jennannej 1 yr ago | 13 replies
Planning a trip to Prague in the fall and wanting reading recommendations in advance. What are your favorite Prague based, or Prague adjacent reads?

jennannej 1 yr ago
I have had a little library for 4 years now. I do tend to register a good number of the books that come through my little library -- depending on if I think the books are good/interesting/will move and also if I've got t…

jennannej 1 yr ago
Wow. I need to promote this on my little library's Insta page!

jennannej 1 yr ago | 4 replies
Wow. That is so bizarre. My annoying neighbor just takes my books and "redistributes" them to other neighborhood little libraries. And then the person who plunders my LFL once month and sells them to used book shops. (Ho…

jennannej 2 yrs ago
I *have* released into some Utah geocaches, but never found a specifically bookcrossing cache.

jennannej 2 yrs ago
When I started this bookcrossing thing, I thought I'd get to watch my books travel. Instead, I just get more mystery!

jennannej 2 yrs ago
A little bit of inspiration never hurts.

jennannej 2 yrs ago | 2 replies
Wow! Might be a new record for me!

jennannej 2 yrs ago | 3 replies
Wow! Might be a new record for me!

jennannej 3 yrs ago | 3 replies
Could we get Bally as one of the gifs on instastories? That’d be fun!

jennannej 3 yrs ago | 3 replies
So, I'm organizing a neighborhood little free library scavenger hunt to celebrate National Day of Unplugging. I am the first stop on a hunt to all the neighborhood libraries - each of which will have a clue and perhaps a…

jennannej 3 yrs ago
I love my little library. Need to work on making it a OBCZ....

jennannej 4 yrs ago
I call Coronado Pleasantville to my friends. I was actually without a car for about 4 months and it wasn't even really a big deal.

jennannej 4 yrs ago | 2 replies
Hey all. Just in case anyone in the Coronado/San Diego area was looking for a book club, I host one that's been going strong for years. Let me know if you're interested in joining!

jennannej 4 yrs ago
So many people told me this was one of their absolute favorites. I read it and... meh... it was fine.

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