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honey1982 12 yrs ago
Well that just sucks! I know how you feel. I'm constantly on my girlfriends to be more active with the site. It's great. I've made so many friends. I met one of my bestfriends at a meet-up back in 2004 (when these exist…

honey1982 13 yrs ago | 1 replies
Thanks so much. Very helpful

honey1982 13 yrs ago | 21 replies
My dad has asked for a mystery book for christmas. He enjoys Clive Cussler and also Dean Kontz, Stephen King and Dan Brown. I don't read mysteries, so any help is appreciated. What is new and hot?

honey1982 13 yrs ago
His attitude stank and it was bringing me down. Like you, I read 134 pages and decided I couldn't carry on. I released it.

honey1982 13 yrs ago
US and Canada shipping preferred, but will also ship international. Thanks again.

honey1982 14 yrs ago
Please enter me for "Moon Tiger" by Penelope Lively or "Anybody out There?" by Keyes

honey1982 14 yrs ago
Great gift. I just purchased a copy for my mother.

honey1982 14 yrs ago
You have an amazing bookshelf. I'm sure I could chose many, but my choice is for "Stones from the River" by Ursula Hegi.

honey1982 14 yrs ago | 2 replies
I just finished it and really encourage anyone who hasn't read it to purchase a copy. I just loved it. I won't write anymore, as I'm scared I'll ruin it for you.

honey1982 14 yrs ago
I also went back to school this year. I'm only 26, but still felt it would be weird. I'm glad your're enjoying it. Please enter me for "Nadia Knows Best" or "Head Over Heels". I recently just discovered Jill Mansell and …

honey1982 14 yrs ago
Please enter me for "The True and Outstanding Adverntures of the Hunt Sisters". Wishing you many more books to fill your shelves.

honey1982 15 yrs ago | 1 replies
I have 2 of her books in my personal collection - Tamarind Mem and The Hero's Walk. I'm really looking forward to her new one

honey1982 15 yrs ago
You were all absolutely right. The book was excellent. I have since passed it on to a friend, who also loves to read, but is not a bookcrosser and is a student, with very little reading time. I hope she gets to it someda…

honey1982 15 yrs ago | 44 replies
I'm very happy to see that this has started so early. It really allows us time to get organized before the season is over. I don't have a list yet, but I will change this when I do.

honey1982 15 yrs ago
Thanks for the offer. Please enter me for Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively.

honey1982 15 yrs ago
Because her books are funny and upbeat. Although I do enjoy a good heart-wrenching drama.

honey1982 15 yrs ago
If ever a book borrowed by a friend Right willing shall she be To read to borrow but not to lend Until returned back to me Found this written in an old book of my Aunt's once and use to write it inside the front co…

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