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winggrovalskiiwing 3 days ago
was the last one for me to read. I really enjoyed this year's selection of books. Thanks so much everybody! Fifna's book will go into the mail to Finland tomorrow morning.

winggrovalskiiwing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
Yay! Fifna's book did not get lost after all! Just found it in my mailbox today (and that even though the German postal services are on strike today. Strange). I'll be on a longer train ride next week and should get a lo…

winggrovalskiiwing 3 wks ago | 3 replies
well now, it looks like the very last book on this roundabout is taking the longest time to arrive! Haven't received it yet. Let's hope it's not lost!

winggrovalskiiwing 3 wks ago
greenbadger was the last reader in the roundabout and she just wrote a journal entry. With that, my book finished the round. It was fun reading all of your comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and thanks for shari…

winggrovalskiiwing 1 mo ago | 1 replies
was hanging out with me a bit longer than intended, but it's been on it's way to Finland since Saturday now. Hope it will arrive soon!

winggrovalskiiwing 2 mos ago
Paulanni's book must have felt like taking the scenic route. It took a while but just arrived yesterday.

winggrovalskiiwing 3 mos ago
will find its way to the mailbox today when I take a walk in this beautiful fall weather. :)

winggrovalskiiwing 3 mos ago
Coming home to find a book package in the mailbox, of course! Thank you, greenbadger, for sending on mcsar's book!

winggrovalskiiwing 4 mos ago
Well that didn't take long at all! The book arrived safe and sound. :)

winggrovalskiiwing 7 mos ago | 1 replies
just have to package it up. I heard postal service increase postage as of yesterday. It will be interesting to see what that means for me. :)

winggrovalskiiwing 7 mos ago | 1 replies
is ready to travel again. Will stick it in the mail tomorrow.

winggrovalskiiwing 7 mos ago
Wow, so after weeks and weeks with no book, I received 3 in very short order. There must have been a traffic jam of books somewhere. Luckily, I had already read dark-draco's book, otherwise I would start stressing now. :…

winggrovalskiiwing 8 mos ago
I finally received cross-patch's book, yay! It took forever, but it got here safely. Looks interesting, I will start reading it soon. dark-draco's book will hopefully be on its way before the long holiday weekend. I'…

winggrovalskiiwing 8 mos ago | 1 replies
Ich würde mich mit einem "vielleicht" anmelden. War schon ewig nicht mehr bei einem Meetup. :)

winggrovalskiiwing 8 mos ago | 1 replies
Hm, interesting! I'll keep my eyes open, but if customs had held it back, I would have received a notification. So I can only assume that the book is taking the scenic route to my place? Fingers crossed it will arrive so…

winggrovalskiiwing 8 mos ago | 3 replies
Yay! After what feels like months I finally received a roundabout book again! It's dark-draco's book, which I've read before. I'll pass it on soon but I want to skim through it one more time. Thanks for sending, greenbad…

winggrovalskiiwing 11 mos ago | 1 replies
...tomorrow. Since I already read Fifna's book (somehow the books got switched en route), I now have read all books of the 2020 roundabout. What a great selection of books it was! Thank you all so much!

winggrovalskiiwing 12 mos ago
Somehow things started piling up here with the two roundabouts going. :) But I'm halfway through Fifna's book and will read Dark-Draco's right afterwards. I don't expect any long delays.

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