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dustyflint 8 yrs ago
Lexicon by Max Barry was the best novel I read all year. I also (after many recommendations from Sherlockfan) started reading the Guido Brunetti series by Donna Leon. Terrific.

dustyflint 8 yrs ago
You are so terrific to do all the organizing on this. Thanks so much!

dustyflint 9 yrs ago
TODAY!!!! Pop up OBCZ and mega-releases! If you are in town, you should be there!

dustyflint 9 yrs ago | 4 replies
Aloha! Oahu Bookcrossers will gather at Skygate on May 18, 2013 to celebrate the Hawaii Book and Music Festival by setting up a pop-up OBCZ. Last year we released nearly 800 book and hope to release even more this year.…

dustyflint 9 yrs ago
we are gonna have fun fun fun! We each got different books!
plus from my local group: dustyflint allysther Purple58 islevamp We'll probably head out together that night and ghir will tag along :)…

dustyflint 10 yrs ago
Fun - hope you have great success!

dustyflint 10 yrs ago
I'm from Seattle and was wondering about this one - on my list for next shopping trip. Thanks!

dustyflint 10 yrs ago | 2 replies
HBMF starts in one hour! Some Oahu Bookcrossers will be there for a mass release of over 500 books - and a pop-up OBCZ at Isamu Noguchi's beautiful “Skygate”. Woot!

dustyflint 10 yrs ago
major suckage on the bot boy...apologies to Wendall. I'm sure he came up with something.

dustyflint 10 yrs ago | 1 replies
I loved this! I want to do it again tomorrow!

dustyflint 10 yrs ago
Our Barnes & Noble was equally clueless but the staff was enthused when we told them about the project. It is unfortunate the company could not engage their employees in the project.

dustyflint 10 yrs ago | 4 replies

dustyflint 10 yrs ago | 8 replies
Bookcrossing Alert! Some Oahu bookcrossers will have a pop-up OBCZ at the festival on May 5th starting at 10AM. Last year we released 400 books in just under 3 hours. If you are on island, don't miss this wonderful fes…

dustyflint 10 yrs ago
Crazy for Holmes both old and new (on BBC - season two cannot get to the US fast enough!), I adore the Nero Wolfe series.

dustyflint 11 yrs ago | 4 replies
Not a book to movie but a reading question. My friends daughter has dyslexia and she is concerned about taking her to see the film if there are too many fast title slides (Intertitles?).. that the teen will be frustrate…

dustyflint 11 yrs ago
I love this - thank you for organizing! Sent you can email moments ago.

dustyflint 11 yrs ago
I grew up in Seattle and bought coffee at the first store (Peets) in the Market. Two of my daughters have been employed by SB. They have always always been fair, good for the neighborhood, engaged in fair trade practic…

dustyflint 11 yrs ago
Glad we were tweeted! Think we have convinced allyster to write something. It was SO MUCH FUN!

dustyflint 11 yrs ago | 2 replies
400 books in the wild in just over two hours and hopeful of many new converts. What a great time!

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