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wingcoco7wing 1 mo ago | 1 replies
[[ Wir treffen uns zwar draußen, aber trotzdem: Wir sind doch alle geimpft, oder? @ coco7: Ich bringe Dir ein Buch mit. ]] Hab mal bei dir gestöbert: Wenn es Station Eleven ist, das hab ich inzwischen schon gelese…

wingcoco7wing 5 mos ago
Gestern durfte ich mein riesiges Wichtelpaket auspacken: fünf Kochbücher und die Vorankündigung eines Wunschlistenbuchs, vier Sorten leckere Schokolade, Sudoku, Kerzen und Servietten, hübsche Osterdekoration, Orangen-Zim…

wingcoco7wing 10 mos ago | 1 replies
[[plus themed releases:- Pies and Prejudices outside a pie shop in Didcot and Horrid Henry Robs A Bank on the ATM of the HSBC Ltd bank in Didcot. ]] I laughed out loud at…

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago
I still have the Zoom link from last time.

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago | 1 replies
and we talked a bit about Joanne Harris, I just ordered Gentlemen and Players. I think I can hold back on the new Lisa Genova book until there is a German translation.

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago
[[[[[[I thought you should have wings :)]] That was you? Well, you are too kind, thank you so much.]] It was Deltic, too :-)]] Thanks to you and Deltic as well! I feel ho…

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago | 2 replies
[[I thought you should have wings :)]] That was you? Well, you are too kind, thank you so much.

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago | 4 replies
In the NSS package from Donfiction was a mystery book, some tea and chocolate, bookcrossing labels, two recipe cards, a very lovely cookbook-themed greeting card, and two o…

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago
[[Happy to advise that the Aussie raffle which was sent on 22nd April has just arrived in Germany and should be with the winner (Coco7) soon.]] And I got it today. Thank you so much for the beautiful water bottle (I d…

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago | 1 replies
[[6 of 8 KateKintail Enitnaj elis-fromSweden's daughter Coco7's daughter. Could you five please pm Faizy with your address. Thank you Faizy for your generosity in sending worldwide and for your talk. No better way …

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago
It was such a pleasure meeting everyone. Thank you, missmarkey!

wingcoco7wing 1 yr ago | 16 replies
Thank you everyone for joining and sharing your meals and books with us! I enjoyed it a lot. The books I mentioned were: A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg (food memoir with the greatest ratatouille recipe ever, and a…

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