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beckerbuns 8 mos ago | 2 replies
I'm having an issue now with the mobile site myself. There's no link on the main page to do anything anymore. Nowhere to register a book.

beckerbuns 8 mos ago | 2 replies
The mobile site seems to have changed recently and I can no longer find the links to login or register a book. They're nowhere on the page. Really frustrating. I finally had to go to Google and type logi…

beckerbuns 16 yrs ago | 25 replies
I finished this book on vacation, and I'd love to share it with other Picoult fans. If you'd like to look at information about the book (reviews etc.) please see its page here:…

beckerbuns 16 yrs ago
I just picked up a paperback copy of this book at a library booksale yesterday and I'm looking to ray it after I read it... As I know there are lots of Jacquelyn Mitchard fans out there. Any takers, please pm me and let…

beckerbuns 16 yrs ago | 2 replies
I bet she has it. And I bet it never sees the light of day again. Personally I'm planning on putting another A-Z bookbox together myself to replaced innae's...

beckerbuns 16 yrs ago | 3 replies
She has innae's A-Z bookbox, and has had it for a long time now, and her PMs say "be patient i will send it out" and yet I have gotten nothing. Very, very frustrating as I was very much looking forward to this bookbox…

beckerbuns 16 yrs ago | 2 replies
She has apparently also had innae's A-Z bookbox for some time. I'm the next on the list and I've asked her a couple of times when she is going to send it. It is getting very frustrating.

beckerbuns 16 yrs ago | 10 replies
Jodi Picoult is one of my very favorite authors... I am just about to finish this book and now I'd like to share it with my fellow Bookcrossers. If you're interested, please PM me and include your location and shippin…

beckerbuns 16 yrs ago | 4 replies
Each of these still has at least one space left. PM me if you are interested, and specify your location and shipping preference. Before you PM make sure you're not already on the list for the book, if you might have …

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago | 1 replies
"The Dominant Blonde" and "If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things" will ship out as soon as I get addresses!

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
Bump... Still lots of room on these. I was at first limiting participation to five rings per person but I'm letting go of that limit, so if you want to join more please do PM me with the additional titles.

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago | 11 replies
My husband has had it with me. I've got way too much to read. So I'm going to send out a large number of my books in bookrings and I figure I'll read them as they come back to me. Here are the ground rules: 1. T…

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
Our case took three years to be over but the kids were not removed. We also had psych evaluations and they were a joke. I am thinking of you. Hugs.

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
I'm sorry about that... My PMs seem to turn themselves off from time to time and it's driving me nuts. I'm going to put my email address in my profile so this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore. Thank you!!!

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
Shadie, it is a relief to hear from you. I hope everything goes as planned. I'm amazed at how fast things are moving for you. Here, it took months to get anywhere!! (((Shadie)))

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
Yeah, it really sucks. We are all on pins and needles here wondering what's going on.

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago | 2 replies We're waiting for word now.

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
They always told us not to bring the kids to the court. So they never went. Probably too traumatic for them to see their dad, who abused them (so it's a different situation) but also they don't really want kids, especi…

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
I can tell you that these hearings never happen on time. Ours were always scheduled for 8:30 am and never happened before 9:30 or later. Still -- keep thinking those hopeful thoughts!!!

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
Shadie, In January I finished a 3 year battle with CPS here in Santa Clara County, California. My kids were never taken from me because my older son is special needs. I'm shocked that they took your Ryan (I don't kn…

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago | 3 replies
I'm looking for Freddy the Pig books by Walter Brooks. I'd be willing to pay for shipping (US or international) or trade something from my AVL books. The only one I have so far is "Freddy and the Bean Home News". …

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
That is pretty funny. Glad you were able to educate the guy about Bookcrossing but, jeez, what a way to have to do it!!!

beckerbuns 17 yrs ago
Check out the excellent auctions here (some good deals):

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