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wingTrojanhorsewing 3 days ago
You are welcome. It was fun putting it all together. Glad it arrived safely.

wingTrojanhorsewing 6 days ago
I posted my parcel out yesterday so hopefully it won't take long to arrive.

wingTrojanhorsewing 1 wk ago | 2 replies
[[My release was: Alice in Wonderland Picture of the Mad Hatter on the front cover.]] I got a catch!

wingTrojanhorsewing 1 wk ago | 3 replies
My release was: Alice in Wonderland Picture of the Mad Hatter on the front cover.

wingTrojanhorsewing 2 wks ago
Thank you so much for my 12 drummers drumming parcel Greenbadger. It arrived safely today and I received: Twelve Drummers Drumming by C C Benison - looks like an intriguing mystery. The Call of the Wild by Jack Londo…

wingTrojanhorsewing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
You are welcome! Do you want to create a thread for it so its ready when the time comes? I shall try and find a suitable book and also do some knitting!

wingTrojanhorsewing 3 wks ago | 7 replies
My favourite! There's some good facts about hats here, along with the background about the day: Your mission is to release a book with hats on the cover, in the title, in th…

wingTrojanhorsewing 3 wks ago
Here's a new one for us: National Umbrella Day! Find out more about the day and history of umbrellas here: Your mission is to release a book with a picture of an umbrel…

wingTrojanhorsewing 1 mo ago
No worries, I find it handy to plan ahead too. I'll try and keep more on top of it this year!

wingTrojanhorsewing 1 mo ago | 6 replies
JANUARY 1/1/23 New Year's Day 15/1/23 National Hat Day 22/1/23 Chinese New Year (Rabbit) 24/1/23 Global Belly Laugh Day 27/1/23 Holocaust Remembrance Day FEBRUARY 2/2/23 Groundhog Day 10/2/23 National Umbrella…

wingTrojanhorsewing 1 mo ago
I managed 4 wild releases on Boxing day on our annual walk round the heath & lake. 1. The Twelve Days of Christmas 2. The 101 Dalmatians…

wingTrojanhorsewing 2 mos ago
Thanks for the reminder I always enjoy this exchange. :)

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago
71. Felix the Railway Cat 72. Knightsbridge Woman

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago
I'm a bit behind on logging them but here are week 33: 66. Grianan 67. Avalon (Caught) 68. Cousins https://www.bookcrossi…

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago
Both blue covers: 1. Felix the Railway Cat 2. Knightsbridge Woman

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago
I've only managed 1 release so far but hoping to do more. 1. Felix The Railway CAT

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago | 4 replies
The Lady Elizabeth got caught and there's a lovely journal entry:

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago
If anyone is interested we have a SSM release challenge scheduled for Monday 19th September, the day of the funeral. We'll be releasing themed books to commemorate Her Majesty's life. Books don't have to be released at…

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago
My releases are going to be: Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir Paddington Takes the T…

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago
Thank you all! I've updated the opening post with a few ideas. Hope that helps.

wingTrojanhorsewing 4 mos ago | 17 replies
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a SSM on Monday 19th September - the day of the funeral. Something to honour her life and long reign. Thought it might be nice but understand if you think its not ap…

wingTrojanhorsewing 5 mos ago
1. Hamnet (controlled release) The rest are all wild releases: 2. Grianan 3. Avalon…

wingTrojanhorsewing 5 mos ago
[[4. The Boleyn KING]]

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