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wingRomneywing 4 days ago | 1 replies
Right! Time to get some organisation happening. But first - many of you already know I am dealing with some health issues. It is very likely that I will only spend a short amount of time with you all over the Uncon we…

wingRomneywing 3 wks ago
Sadly I don't think I will be making the trek to Europe in April next year - but who knows, maybe things will change :-)

wingRomneywing 3 wks ago
Sad to hear you won't be coming, but yes, we have an Uncon every year and lots of local meetups that you will always be welcome at.

wingRomneywing 2 mos ago | 3 replies
[[I've never been to an UnCon (or anything else BC) before. What do we even do at an UnCon? I would likely need to bring my two small children with me (assuming they would be welcome), so an idea of what an UnCon look…

wingRomneywing 2 mos ago | 3 replies
It’s not an AU/NZ uncon without a wine tour right? And when you’re visiting one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World it’s compulsory 😂 So I’m thinking we will do something wine-related on Friday - mindful that we ha…

wingRomneywing 2 mos ago
[ Snow is probably unlikely in November, yeah?] Well, I would have thought so, but who can tell? Maybe you should pack your beanie and gloves in case :-)

wingRomneywing 4 mos ago
[[ the midst of planning now! Work gave me the greenlight to have an entire month off, so am looking at combining this with an appropriate cruise :D]] Fantastic! You're our first guest :-)

wingRomneywing 4 mos ago | 2 replies
Hi folks Can you please let me know, either here or over on the FB group if you are planning to attend? I need to start putting approximate numbers together. Thanks :-)

wingRomneywing 7 mos ago | 2 replies
I can now let you know the Adelaide Uncon will be held 1-3 November 2024. If you want to start booking now, accommodation in the city centre will be best. If you want some recommendations, let me know and I will come …

wingRomneywing 7 mos ago
It was great catching up with you all last night :-)

wingRomneywing 8 mos ago | 4 replies
Registered myself and +1 :-) Flights home already booked, just need to figure out where we will be before so I can get there. I said yes to all the activities, because I would like to do them, but until I know whe…

wingRomneywing 8 mos ago
[[Interested in dates being announced please. ]] Sorry Edwardstreet, my m-i-l suddenly passed away recently and I have not sorted this out yet. I will let you know ASAP.

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago
Thank you, I will let you know once I know exactly when we will be there :-)

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago
I sadly don't think I will have time for anything before since we are squeezing this in right at the end of our European trip. Then we fly out of Helsinki to come back to Australia on the 21st. But I've been to all th…

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago | 2 replies
I think I will be visiting Nottingham in April next year, so will keep a lookout for meetups if you have them regularly. Not sure of the dates yet, I just know hubby wants to see a Nottingham Forest game there :-)

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago
[[But Adelaide isn't an island!?! :-) Can't wait!]] Well, no, but... ..I can suggest an outing to Garden Island to kayak with the dolphins? Or include a quick stop in Victor Harbor with a walk over to Granite…

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago | 48 replies
After I had to watch the 2023 festivities from afar, I would like to formally invite you all to my fair city of Adelaide, Australia for the 2024 AU/NZ UnCon. I don't have a date locked in just yet, but I am thinking o…

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago
[[[[ Yay! The dates are perfect for us! We have to be back in Australia on the 23rd, so we can just squish it in at the end of our trip! ]] that is awesome! It has been a long while!!]] It sure has 🙂 It will be f…

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago | 2 replies
Yay! The dates are perfect for us! We have to be back in Australia on the 23rd, so we can just squish it in at the end of our trip!

wingRomneywing 9 mos ago | 1 replies
[[ Have you got any proposed dates yet? International travellers are keen to start planning. ]] Yes, I need to book my return flights and I want to know where I'm flying from. It's getting ridiculously hard to find re…

wingRomneywing 11 mos ago | 1 replies
[[Would you guys still like to come to Tampere, Finland? We still have our plans and web sites and everything ready...]] This is exciting! I am in Europe for most of April already. Fingers crossed the dates work out a…

wingRomneywing 1 yr ago
That makes sense! To be honest, the organisers can have it whenever they like, I was just putting my request in early since my travel then is already planned :-)

wingRomneywing 1 yr ago | 3 replies
Europe in June is just a bit too tricky for this Aussie. It might have been different if I wasn't already travelling internationally for two months at the beginning of the year and another month towards the end. And i…

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