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wingP_E_Dantwing 1 mo ago | 11 replies
I am currently in the wilds of the Northern Territory of Australia - it is monsoon season here and hot and steamy I have been granted 'Long Leave' and will be returning home for the first time since before the Covid a…

wingP_E_Dantwing 1 mo ago
Sorry folks, but it appears that I have done it again! I was so intent on learning how other people think about languages that I failed to make my own position on the subject clear Question 1 - Yes, I do have othe…

wingP_E_Dantwing 1 mo ago
1. Kitchen 2. Den 3. Cellar 4. Library :) 5. Atrium 6. Bathroom 7. Home office 8. Man Cave 9. Attic 10. Conservatory 11.

wingP_E_Dantwing 1 mo ago
New topic - An A to W list of words that contains double D (DD) together, anywhere in the word

wingP_E_Dantwing 1 mo ago
'Tempting Fate' - Jane Green

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