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LFLHunter 1 mo ago
Congratulations. I Would love The Alphabet if you are willing to mail to Canada.

LFLHunter 2 mos ago | 1 replies
Problem fixed itself, or someone fixed it.. thanks!

LFLHunter 2 mos ago | 2 replies
All the books that should be on my shelf that other people have registard are missing. Books I have registered are still on my shelf.

LFLHunter 3 mos ago | 4 replies
Book: The Forgotten Home Child Released Burlington Ontario, CANADA. Caught over two years later in Welland, Ontario, CANADA, the book will be taken to Mexico!

LFLHunter 3 mos ago
Just started The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See Set on the Korean island of Jeju, The Island of Sea Women follows Mi-ja and Young-sook, two girls from very different ba…

LFLHunter 3 mos ago
Finishing A Memory of Violets by Hazel Gaynor Hazel Gaynor is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I should finish it this weekend. I promised someone they can b…

LFLHunter 3 mos ago
Three math textbooks were donated from McMaster University, all early 1970s copyright dates. One had a price sticker from the university bookshop $11.90 only one had a computer punch card in it.

LFLHunter 3 mos ago
Bookmarks (to be expected) tissue box insert, receipts, post card, cruise ship note paper, to do list, grocery shopping list, and a list of about 12 books.

LFLHunter 3 mos ago | 2 replies
Inside a 1971 math textbook, I found a computer punch card! #notabookmark I was switching out the books in my front yard library, and found this unique book mark.

LFLHunter 3 mos ago | 16 replies
Inside a 1971 math textbook, I found a computer punch card! I have a front yard library and went to switch out the books and found this!

LFLHunter 3 mos ago
2024 finished reading House Calls by Dogsled: Six Years in an Arctic Medical Outpost story of two nurses working in the NWT (North West Territories) in Canada's North 20…

LFLHunter 3 mos ago
I want to shrink my TBR pile, mostly the books that have already been bookcrossed. I generally rotate books that I have already been bookcrossed with my own, that I usually make into bookcrossing books. Two years ago…

LFLHunter 5 mos ago | 2 replies
I have COVID, so the chances of me testing negative for COVID and feeling healthy are slim.

LFLHunter 5 mos ago | 1 replies
I hope to make it, keep an eye on my "available" books on my shelf.

LFLHunter 6 mos ago | 1 replies
I like historical fiction, odd ball science and fact books.

LFLHunter 6 mos ago | 1 replies
I grew up in Oakville, ON, CAN but now live in Burlington, Ontario, CAN. Burlington is a mid-sized city, with nearly 100 active Little Free Libraries or book exchanges. Allthough I live in a city it has some nice green…

LFLHunter 6 mos ago
Im reading Code Name Sapphire, by Pam Jenoff a historical fiction book. I'm reading Ig Nobel Prizes an odd ball fact/ science book, perfect for reading in waiting rooms, for appointments. This book is small and has …

LFLHunter 7 mos ago | 1 replies
Auschwitz Lullaby book I released in the wild was journaled twice, by two different people, both anonymous finders. The book has been travelling around the Little Free Libraries/ front yard libraries in my area. htt…

LFLHunter 7 mos ago
Impressive, longest I've had between release and journal entry is one year. I'm relatively new at Bookcrossing.

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