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Kislany 13 yrs ago
Thanks Tribe for directing me to the thread. I don't have a car right now and I'm in another city (Nicosia), and with the lack of transportation in Cyprus (no busses or trains in this country), it's not so easy getting …

Kislany 15 yrs ago
I'm a very active bookcrosser, 'normal' bookcrosser as you kindly put it (register books, journal books, release books regularly), but I don't read the forums. Too much bickering and fighting going on here for my taste. …

Kislany 16 yrs ago | 3 replies
It's time I read/listened to this classic as well.

Kislany 16 yrs ago
If anything on this thread was worth a buck, I'd say this post was. Thank you. No member bashing, no BC bashing, but a rational attempt to make sense of things. And for me, so far this makes the most sense of all.

Kislany 16 yrs ago | 1 replies
but it didn't work the whole morning for me. I was getting something similar to bestfriends' in terms of error message, even after refreshing the page.

Kislany 17 yrs ago
Yep, he liked it, actually your book got him hooked on Marquez ;-)

Kislany 17 yrs ago | 5 replies
Thanks to the people I've traded from this forum, my hubby got a taste for Gabriel Garcia Marquez, lol. I have already traded for 'A 100 years in solitude' and (sp?) Oi thlimenes Poutanes tis Zois mou. Does anyone have …

Kislany 17 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hey sis, long time no talk! Hope you are well... I'm off to Egypt for the week, will be back on Friday, will write you an email then :) Kis,

Kislany 17 yrs ago
Hehe, yes I have quite a lot of books, trading is one of my favourite pasttimes - btw TBR's also go, but they'll take a while as I have already a long list to read for some prearranged trades. Definitely, please pm me w…

Kislany 17 yrs ago | 8 replies
Hi everyone, long time to post here :) Is anyone up for some trades to Cyprus? I have plenty of English AV books on my shelf. What I need is some good Greek books that you can spare from your AV shelf. They're not for…

Kislany 17 yrs ago
Congrats!! Can I offer you a trade for the 3 P.N.Elrod books you have on your TBR shelf? I have this author on my wishlist and I try to collect all his books to read :) Thanks!

Kislany 17 yrs ago
And I wouldn't go calling somebody too stupid or too evil based on a wishlist either :( If we don't read all sorts of books, how can we make our own ideas about what is right or wrong for us? For all I know that person m…

Kislany 17 yrs ago
I found that printing of labels became a rather expensive past-time for me. So when I register a book, I just flip to the first page, and write down the address and BCID number. Saves paper, ink, and avoids the huge labe…

Kislany 17 yrs ago
I have a couple of older UFO magazines, and a few bookmarks that I can send you if you want, will pm for an address.

Kislany 17 yrs ago
My wishlist is quite short really :) peel-off stickers to use on greeting cards that I am making glass seed beads for beadwork dark chocolate from all over the world :) Now off to see if anyone has anything wishi…

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