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Hexa 8 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hi I have Arthur Edward Waite's The Book of Ceremonial Magic in search of a good home. Happy to send anywhere, PM if interested. blessings Hexa

Hexa 11 yrs ago | 2 replies
Hi all I have a few things ready to move on, which have come to me from other bookcrossers or which are too specialist for wild release. PM me if you're interested as I don't often check here. I'm happy to post intern…

Hexa 12 yrs ago
Sounds like a plan - shall I put you down to receive them after sfogs, shovelmonkey1? Is that OK with you sfogs? Hexa

Hexa 12 yrs ago
I have a couple of books on vampires in Lithuanian - if anyone would like to read them, send me a PM. cheers Hexa

Hexa 12 yrs ago | 5 replies
I have a few books which were part of rays which have floundered. I've tried to trace both the original ray owners and the other people on the list, to no avail. So I thought I would offer them up here, to keep them in t…

Hexa 12 yrs ago
Hello I'm trying to find Ladychass, as I havea couple of her books which should have moved on ages ago and there is no info on the journal entries about who is next on the list. And I can't seem to send her a pm. …

Hexa 12 yrs ago | 2 replies
I'm on London and can ship anywhere. Hexa xx

Hexa 12 yrs ago
I have a few Russian textbooks available: The Penguin Russian Course Russian Grammar Manual of Russian Prose Composition ht…

Hexa 13 yrs ago | 3 replies
I've a couple of books which were RABCK'd to me, and it would be nice to keep them moving among bookcrossers. They are: The Etched City, by K.J Bishop and http://www.bookc…

Hexa 13 yrs ago
Brilliant, thank you. If I'm slow in replying, it's because I am off away for a few days, back Monday. Hexa

Hexa 13 yrs ago | 2 replies Paulo Coelho. I'm happy to send something in trade or to pay postage. Please pm me if you can help as I odn't check back here often. cheers Hexa

Hexa 13 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hello I'm looking for novels by Kazuo Ishiguro, any except Never Let Me Go. I'm going to see him read next month and would like to have read more than one of his novels! Have a look at my bookshelf for anything you'd …

Hexa 13 yrs ago | 15 replies
Hi I have a copy of the Witches Tarot (book and cards) which is looking for a new home, I'd like to send it to someone who will appreciate it if possible. And I've just registered a few pagan books - have a look at m…

Hexa 13 yrs ago
I have a copy of La Transicion Democratica Espanola (in spanish). I suspect it wouldn't be too popular as a wild release, and since it used to be on a lot of university reading lists I thought somebody might appreciate i…

Hexa 13 yrs ago | 12 replies
I have a pile of available books looking for good homes - if anyone would like anything, PM me and it's yours. Fictions TBRs might be up for grabs too. Hexa

Hexa 14 yrs ago
Hello I'm starting a book spiral for the first two books in Gwyneth Jones 'Bold as Love' sequence, so Bold is Love and Castles Made of Sand. They are a mixture of fantasy, alternate history, politics and music, set in…

Hexa 14 yrs ago
Hi To celebrate my five year anniversary as a bookcrosser, I'm starting a ray for Patrick Leigh Fermor's books 'A time of gifts' and 'Between the woods and the water'. They describe his walk across Europe as an eighte…

Hexa 15 yrs ago
I have a bookring for you, but can't trace your username - has it changed? Thanks Hexa

Hexa 15 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hi My pagan / new age bookboxis finally ready to start it's journey. If anyone else out there would join in, please pm me (I don't get time to read the forum very often). Any books on paganism, astrology, tarot and re…

Hexa 15 yrs ago | 2 replies
Hi I have various books on pagan subjects, including astrology, crystals and so on - would be nice to share them with like-minded types. With that in mind, is anyone interested in a bookbox with this theme? I'd like i…

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