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HerbertLooby 1 mo ago
I’ll send if I can and happy birthday in advance

HerbertLooby 1 mo ago
I’ve just done a marathon journaling session and hope I’ve logged all the books sent. You spoiled me so much with books, sweets and chocolate, a lovely handmade cover and bookmark and even a super duper personalised mug …

HerbertLooby 1 mo ago
More details later but you guys have really spoiled me!! It’s all so lovely and I feel very cared for x

HerbertLooby 1 mo ago
It’s sunny and I’ve been to an ‘immersive’ Van Gogh exhibition. It was amazing!!!! Now to open my book gifts….

HerbertLooby 1 mo ago
Two more packages and a gift card have arrived. I’m keeping them safe until Easter Sunday :-)

HerbertLooby 2 mos ago | 1 replies
I’m feeling very lucky. 3 gifts so far but I’m keeping them safe until the day x

HerbertLooby 3 mos ago
Thanks so much for the wonderful parcel- I was so busy hiding the goodies from my kids that I forgot to journal x

HerbertLooby 4 mos ago | 1 replies
Oh my your parcel arrived and it’s so marvellous!!!! I can’t say what a big smile it put on our faces x

HerbertLooby 5 mos ago
Lovely package from you and it brightened my Boxing Day as I’d hidden it away and then got a lovely surprise when I found it again

HerbertLooby 6 mos ago
Marked HGG so I’ve decided to put it away until Christmas itself so I have a nice surprise

HerbertLooby 6 mos ago
I find this one so much fun! UK shipping if at all possible please x

HerbertLooby 6 mos ago
Thank you! I’m keeping it until Xmas so I have some nice treats to open x Also someone sent me a book which I’m guessing was from here too. Fab!

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