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Enidq 14 yrs ago | 1 replies
I am in San Diego, Ca and would prefer to ship within the US. Thanks,

Enidq 14 yrs ago
I understand and am with you. Every year come Feb I am glad that I have finished one book but then I get into the forums and most are at 5 or 6 already. I still loves book and realize that I am probably at the worst leve…

Enidq 14 yrs ago
I meant PM me if you eould like to trade. Sorry ;P

Enidq 14 yrs ago | 2 replies
PM me if you would like

Enidq 14 yrs ago
So the book will go out this week. The ring is still open so just PM me if you would like to read the book.

Enidq 14 yrs ago | 8 replies
by KIM GRUENFELDER.... THis will be a ring and I will send the book out as soon as I have 3 or four people and then I'll add to the list as we go. This is a really funny book. I was pleasantly surprised. http:/…

Enidq 15 yrs ago
For watching things at home I love Hero and the Kill Bill movies. If you want to go to the movies The Departed was awesome.

Enidq 15 yrs ago
Would you mind explaining how this exchangeworks. Is this a nice way to get more people on your personal mailing list or a way to get rid of old cards. Thanks

Enidq 15 yrs ago
IS there someone he can crash with that is already at the hotel? He could ask the groom but if there are no good friends staying there then staying with Dad is just fine. The couple always forgets the great concessions t…

Enidq 15 yrs ago
and really explore what "grandmother' meant to you. There is some element of the relationship that you nned to re-connect with. Try writing out the entire dream in great detail. From the shape of the trees the color of t…

Enidq 15 yrs ago
Very short but a sweet entry. I think it epitomizes what the site is all about.

Enidq 16 yrs ago
PM me to let me know if you are interested.

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