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wingDiane-Fraserwing 4 days ago
It’s always a mystery . That’s a great catch 😊

wingDiane-Fraserwing 5 days ago
at the moment but I like the idea of this bookring. So I'm going to search through my author 'A' box and put a couple of books to the top of my TBR Can you add me towards the end of the ring to give me chance to re…

wingDiane-Fraserwing 6 days ago
I find myself logged out. Usually more on my mobile phone. I think it's probably a security feature, though it doesn't seem to happen with my facebook app. My email makes me log in daily on my PC but no need at all on …

wingDiane-Fraserwing 1 wk ago | 2 replies
DAUGHTER of the River by Irene Northan

wingDiane-Fraserwing 1 wk ago
Nope I shouldn't have joined this month! :-))

wingDiane-Fraserwing 1 wk ago
I’m a bookcrosser enjoying the Little Free Library concept! 😉

wingDiane-Fraserwing 1 wk ago
I was able to use the bookplate creator very easily, using my Iphone. Great to see it's compatible with them. Looking forward to receiving my first order :-)

wingDiane-Fraserwing 2 wks ago
[[With this thread acting wonky, I hope I have everyone updated. I think I have, but not sure. Look over the link at Goodreads (see above), and let me know if I haven't updated you all correctly. Thanks.]] Not wonky f…

wingDiane-Fraserwing 2 wks ago
Finished reading a very strange novel The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

wingDiane-Fraserwing 2 wks ago
Managed to get a bit of bedtime reading in :-)

wingDiane-Fraserwing 2 wks ago
I have some bookcrossing to catch up on and think I still owe a book from the last round. Hoping to get to the post office this week with any books I'm owing peeps :-)

wingDiane-Fraserwing 2 wks ago | 2 replies
I'm not sure if everyone is stuck with snapping or if it's just Doris and I still in the game. I hope this book brings another player back in :-) The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond…

wingDiane-Fraserwing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
I thought I’d got my mojo back when I read nine books in September but October proved that wasn’t the case! I’m so booked up with other commitments this week I probably won’t do more than three hours reading 🤔

wingDiane-Fraserwing 3 wks ago
U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton

wingDiane-Fraserwing 3 wks ago
[[Add me please!!]] sent PM about posting preferences

wingDiane-Fraserwing 4 wks ago
[[ In all seriousness, the UK based cons and uncons are always well attended. and with borders open the kiwis and aussies are very keen to fly over. And by the look of messages, so are Europeans. ]] This years had a…

wingDiane-Fraserwing 4 wks ago
The Blind MAN of Seville by Robert Wilson

wingDiane-Fraserwing 1 mo ago | 1 replies
The Shop GIRLS of Harpers by Rosie Clarke

wingDiane-Fraserwing 1 mo ago | 1 replies
You're on a roll. Two books without a snap! Fingers crossed the next one will be snapped :-)

wingDiane-Fraserwing 1 mo ago
[[Today Google book was working to update the covers of the book but not uploading pictures.]] No, its still not letting me update cover with my own pic either.

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