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DeeOhTea 13 yrs ago
Oh dear...I think I spent $26:(:( Thank you for the info! Much appreciated!! Time to go back & buy some wings:-))

DeeOhTea 13 yrs ago | 2 replies
BC- I've got a question for you:) I made some purchases in the Supply Store. In days of old, that brought wings to me. Is that not the case anymore? Do I need to purchase wings in order to get them - or can I purchase …

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago | 2 replies
I was Psyched when I saw the paws:-) Awesome Surprise!! Thank You<3 Very generous:) edited to add another thought:)

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago
Don't think I haven't considered it;-) lol

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago | 4 replies
And I got to see the pic:) But, why, oh why isn't there an active BC group near me? :(

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago
I so wish I could get to one of your meets:( (This is the same group that meets monthly in Cambridge, right?) It's just too far for me on a regular weeknight. I don't have any active bookcrossers that are nearer to me fo…

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago
I'm going to have to check this burial ground out next time I get up to Boston...there's so much to see, do and EAT there:) Do try to get to that OBCZ in Beacon hill...That would be would be a thrill to have …

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago
It is fun! (Actually, I think my husband secretly gets a kick out of it too! Well, he's a pretty good sport baout it anyways:) I ent through a time when i didn't wild release as much, but then it strikes me again & away …

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago | 8 replies
Just felt the need to share with those that I know can appreciate... I had a day in Boston today--so beforehand I got a bunch of books ready to go on their way to various wild releases. My husband helped me to carry abo…

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago
CANCELLED FOR LACK OF INTEREST:( This copy is an ARC as the actual book won't be showing up in stores for a couple of months! This is available as an international ray. Minimum 5 or maximum 10 with the usual rules ap…

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago
I'm collecting books to wild release in the Boston area this summer. If any BookMooch'ing BookCross'ers are interested in having a book or two released in Boston, let me know:) I'd be glad to mooch it from you! (If you'd…

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago
I use LT specifically to remember what I've already read! I list books as I read them. (Nothing funnier than starting a book & thinking it seems "familiar"...only to realize I've already read it somewhere along the line:…

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago | 2 replies
I've just returned from the PO. All 3 books went in to this afternoon's mail:) So Rhonder, queenfrog & *******---keep your eyes out for a RABCK coming your way:)

DeeOhTea 14 yrs ago | 5 replies
Drum Roll, Pulease... THE WINNERS ARE: Queenfrog Rhonder and for good measure, I've thrown in a secret RABCK for one lucky winner:) If you're listed here (and you know it;) please PM me with your address:):)

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