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BokOrmur 14 yrs ago
An English prof said that Lessing was her favorite author so I began collecting them and have 20+. I've read about 6 and have read her two autobios as well as a biography on Lessing. My next in number would be a tie be…

BokOrmur 14 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hello I just finished The Glass Castle and loved it as well. I had seen it on thr Globe and Mail list for so long decided that I must read it. I was prepared for much worse eg sexual or physical abuse and was gratef…

BokOrmur 14 yrs ago
I finished Inge and Mira by Marianne Fredriksson which is a story of two women who are almost 50 from different cultures(Sweden and Chili)who learn about themselves and come to terms with the pain of their past in a very…

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