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wingAppelsiiniwing 16 hrs ago
If you are have having dinner with us in Bonker Moodcourt and haven't yet chosen what to eat, please let me know. This makes service so much faster as there's 20+ person in our group ☺️👍

wingAppelsiiniwing 2 days ago | 1 replies
Google Mapsin street view -toiminnolla voit tarkastella missä kannattaa autoa purkaa jos parkkiruudut ovat varattuja.

wingAppelsiiniwing 3 days ago | 5 replies Here you can have more information about parking in Tampere and near our venue…

wingAppelsiiniwing 6 days ago
Asia selvä! Laitan tänne tiedoksi, jos ja missä ulkomaalaiset tapaavat, jos joku haluaa tulla tämän miitin jälkeen pyörähtämään. Kirjoja tuossa ulkomaalaisten miitissä tuskin on tarjolla, mutta juttuseuraa varmasti :)

wingAppelsiiniwing 6 days ago
I updated blog post about Special Activities and added all attendees, so you can check if you need. There was few responses with no name, but those are also counted in. Here's link to that post: https://bctampere20…

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 wk ago | 2 replies
Haluatteko, että mainitsen tästä miitistä KV-puolella? Torstaina järjestetään Early Bird -ohjelmaa Convention -osallistujille, mutta kaikki eivät ohjelmaan osallistu joten todennäköisesti järjestämme vapaamuotoista m…

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 wk ago
Yes, your ticket to Moomin Museum is valid whole day :)

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 wk ago | 3 replies
We have asked our guest speakers to bring some of their books with them, so you could buy a book and have it signed if you wish. All Finnish literature translated to English is exported, so you can't find English version…

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 wk ago
That's just fine. For sauna we don't have to make any other preparations than taking swimming suits and towels with us.

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 wk ago
Yes, you can add it later. And if you want to visit Moomin Museum by yourself and want company, I'm always ready to go to Moomin Museum! ;)

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 wk ago
Nyt kuulkaa kävi niin, että unohdin perjantaina paikallisen BC-miitin ja samaan syssyyn tämän arvonnankin! Mutta nyt on arvonta suoritettu ja laitoin juuri voittajan (ja valevoittajan) tiedot kaikille. Voittajan teemielt…

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 wk ago | 8 replies
About two weeks to our convention! So exciting! We have planned few nice extra activities for you. We have some beer tasting, sauna and visits to Moomin Museum and Metso Tampere Main Library. Check the form and write…

wingAppelsiiniwing 2 wks ago
We've made reservation to Restaurant Tillikka. You can find their menu on their website If you have already made reservation for Saturday but wish to switch, just send me email or PM! Restaurant Tillik…

wingAppelsiiniwing 3 wks ago | 2 replies
Pyynikki Brewhouse restaurant is now full. But as it seems pizza is not so popular, we are trying to get more seats to Pyynikki. Viking restaurant Harald has already promised us more seats, if needed. We also asked from…

wingAppelsiiniwing 3 wks ago
Pyynikki Brewhouse just sent us email and they have added vegan options to our menu. Sadly, they didn't tell prices for these. Starter: Beetroot Carpaccio Beetroot, goat cheese mousse, nuts and crispy capers (Lactos…

wingAppelsiiniwing 3 wks ago
Toistaiseksi osoitteet ovat tulleet perille Delennalta ja Paulannilta. Jos viestisi on jäänyt bittiavaruuteen, laittaisitko sen uudelleen? :)

wingAppelsiiniwing 3 wks ago | 2 replies
I have just sent everybody email about restaurant reservations for Saturday night dinner. Please contact me if you haven't received my email! Joining to these dinners is optional and everybody will pay for their orde…

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 mo ago
Hyvää Minna Canthin päivää! Kun vielä samalla vietetään tasa-arvon ja kirjaston päivää, on ehdottoman hyvä syy kakkukahveille!

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 mo ago
First I thought I would skip this, but it's too much fun to miss! So do count me in :)

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 mo ago
There's also always an opportunity that someone else has brought the same wish list book as RABCK, but luckily we know what to do with spare books :) So don't worry if you can't find a wish list book for your buddy, you …

wingAppelsiiniwing 1 mo ago | 1 replies
Olen lauantaina aamuvuorossa, joten klo 14 -> olen vapaalla jalalla.

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