Release Bags are finally back in the Store
September 21, 2014
Here is the news that many of you have been waiting for: our Release Bags have returned to the Supply Store. A whole pallet of them, most of them in English but also some in German, has been shipped to Zevenaar, the Netherlands, home of the BookCross... more »
New forum for the Slavic languages
August 7, 2014
Here's another step towards BookCrossing as a truly global movement. We now have a forum for the Slavic languages! You'll find it here. This forum was created at the request of several Russian BookCrossers, who want to see mo... more »
Our newest bookplate has landed
June 17, 2014
This friendly alien has no hostile intentions, we're sure!
This lovely colorful bookplate was designed by Tom van de Merbel and it's a fun and bright addition to our collection. We are currently working on versions ... more »
The 2014 Convention is over...
April 13, 2014
... and our members who made it to Melbourne had a blast! See for yourself, in the Convention Flickr pool. During this Convention, a host city was chosen for the 2016 Convention. It was an... more »
LAST WEEK: International BookCrossing Day Supplies
March 8, 2014
Get them while you can, because they're bound to disappear from the Store at the end of the month. The v... more »
First International BookCrossing Day Contest: The winner!
January 7, 2014
Great ideas deserve to be made into reality. And this is an idea from the membership, in the person of the wonderful MissTree, that we love: this year, let's celebrate the first Interna... more »
Enter Bally's December Drawing and win great prizes
Now running until January 7!
November 30, 2013
As we promised you earlier this month, we want to celebrate the festive season with a fun promotion that anyone can participate in. So the Supply Store is hosting a Prize Drawing with great prizes. Here's what you can win: Grand First Prize P... more »
News from the Store. Yes, we accept Euros
November 4, 2013
We've made another step towards BookCrossing as a truly global movement. It's one of those things that seem simple, but turn out to take an amazing lot of time, patience and money... and now it's done. BookCrossing now has a EUROpean bank acc... more »
BookCrossing Translation Project: an update
October 3, 2013
It's about time we let you know how things are going regarding the project of translating the BookCrossing website. As you may know, our goal is to translate the site into a whole lot of different languages, and make them available through the drop-d... more »
News from the Store. We've been busy!
June 30, 2013
Here is some news that many of you have been awaiting for a long, long time. We've been working very hard behind the scenes, building a new branch to the Supply Store. It's our European branch and even though some details still need to be finished of... more »
Share your City by hosting the annual 2015 Convention!
April 3, 2013
Yes, it's that time of year again. Happy 14th Birthday, Bally! And like every year about this time, we start putting the feelers out for the Convention Getaway host city 2 years from now. That's right. As the 2014 BookCrossing Convention is in the pl... more »
News from the Store: Bally's Bottom Dollar Sale! And... some Bags
February 22, 2013
Here's some serendipity for you! When Heather was recently looking for something in the garage, she tripped over a couple of unmarked boxes. Of course she opened them to see what was inside... and found a batch of BookCrossing supplies that had been ... more »
In with the Old, in with the New: Econo Labels!
February 11, 2012
What's black and white and read all over? You’ve asked, we’ve answered: Our black and white Econo Labels back in stock and better than ever as they come with a pre-numbered option! At half the size and near half the price of our standard labels, thes... more »
From the UK Region Manager Team: Announcing restructuring of locations in UK
October 3, 2011
After a lengthy consultation and discussion period the UK Regional Managers have decided on the following re-organisation of UK zones. All the Scottish and Welsh regions, areas or counties will be merged into the existing states of Scotland and Wales... more »
Let your BookCrossing books get some facetime on Facebook: New Connections.
September 15, 2011
Now, sharing your releases with fellow friends and BookCrossers is easier than ever. The new Facebook/BookCrossing interaction allows your releases to be automatically onto your Facebook page. (The feature is optional, and requires you authorize the ... more »
Tidying Up the UK Member Locations and Release Zones
August 25, 2011
And now, a message from the UnCon Newsletter... A new entry on the Schedule for this year’s Nottingham Unconvention is a presentation from the UK BookCrossing Region Managers, who will be asking for our help. For those of you who don’t know who the R... more »
Tees and More Floss
June 25, 2011
By our friends at
The good people at BookCrossing have once again given... more »
Top 10 Things You Might Have Seen at the BC in DC Convention
May 19, 2011
by KateKintail, Member of the 2011 BookCrossing Convention Planning Team
On the weekend of April 15-17, 2011, a hundred BookCrossers attended the 10th Anniversary BookCros... more »
What do YOU want in a BookCrossing phone app?
May 4, 2011
Here's a message from Bruce, the CEO of BookCrossing regarding smart phone app development: At long last, we are able to start work again on a mobile phone application for BookCrossing. We will eventually be building apps for different phones, but ou... more »
Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 10th Anniversary Convention
March 9, 2011
1. Celebrate Ballycumber’s 10th birthday.
2. Thousands of free books.
3. Meet BookCrossers from more »

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