Welcome back, and a tinkering alert
February 3, 2017
First of all, some happy news, in case you had not heard: Reno, one of our founders, has returned to the site! Welcome home, Reno. You were missed. Since he came back, he's been busy: he's bee... more »
Our MissMarkey makes the news
January 14, 2017
While checking out the Chit-chat forum, we could not help but notice a thread posted by Lytteltonwitch, in which she tells us about our very own MissMarkey and the lovely more »
BC Day Contest 2017: It's On!
January 2, 2017
The new edition of the BookCrossing Day Contest has just been announced! Read all about it in this post in the Announcements forum. more »
Best Wishes from Ballycumber
January 1, 2017
Our very own Ballycumber posted a short but heartfelt New Year's message in the Announcements forum. Here's the text: "Since most of you probably consider today to be the first day of the New Year, we want to take this opportunity to wish yo... more »
A big fat Greek success
April 29, 2016
What does a BookCrosser look like after participating in the 2016 BookCrossing Convention in Athens? Tired, happy, three kilos heavier... and did we mention happy? In other words, the Convention in Greece was all that we hoped it would be, and more. ... more »
The 2016 Convention is upon us
April 20, 2016
It's Convention time, and the signs are looking great for another really splendid one! Good friends, good weather and good books all coming together in the ancient city of Athens, what more could anyone wish for? Conventioneers, we're wishing you all... more »
Lost Support Tickets recovered
April 12, 2016
The following important message was posted by Ardik in the Announcements forum.
"A few days ago we made a terrifying discovery:

Since about October 2015 a few hundred support tickets got stuck in an email queue and never showe... more »
BC Day 2016: the products are in the Store!
February 26, 2016
This year's BookCrossing Day bookplates and stickers have arrived in the Supply Store! We're offering the Bookplates in nine different languages. So if you want to join in the fun on April 21, go ahead and order. If you live ou... more »
BC Day Contest 2016: Vote now! And help us out...
February 6, 2016
Voting has started! Go here to see the entries, and vote for your favo(u)rite. Be quick though, because we're running late: some technical issues kept us from putting the page up earlier, but becaus... more »
Announcing the 2016 BC Day Contest
January 3, 2016
Happy New Year, dear BookCrossers all over the world! How time flies. It's already time for the third edition of the BookCrossing Day Contest! Please hurry on over to this forum posting by you... more »
Site slowdowns: causes and solutions
December 2, 2015
At first, we wanted to name this news item 'Slaying dragons' because that's a perfectly wonderful way to put it! But we figured it might not be very clear. So let's hear it for Matt, as he speaks clearly and plainly about the recent slowness of our s... more »
News from the Store, and so much more
November 4, 2015
As we write this, the BC Supply Store is closed for renovations! Don't worry, it won't be long. Later this week, we'll be reopening a fully renewed Store, which has an all-new, multilingual interface! Products are now categorised by language. We hope... more »
Puppy breath and a New Book
September 1, 2015
Emotional attachments, those things that live in a dimension we mostly feel but words occasionally connect. Puppy breath and a book are right at the top of those for me. That strange skunk like odor of a puppy licking and biting at your ear makes all... more »
April 21: Happy International BookCrossing Day!
April 20, 2015
Finally it's here: BookCrossing's official birthday, the day that we celebrate the joys of books and reading. A great day to release some books and share those joys with the world! We hope you all received your BCDay supplies in time. But don't worry... more »
Convention time! And possible Store delays.
April 7, 2015
We can feel the excitement rising from all the way over here: the 2015 Anniversary Convention is about to begin! It's being held in Oxford and starts Friday, April 10th. The organisers have ... more »
Int'l BC Day 2015: supplies have arrived
February 25, 2015
Bookczuk designed it, you voted for it, so we ordered it! The lovely new bookplates and stickers for International BookCrossing Day are here. And they turned out great! As of today, they're ready and willing to come to your house and spruce up your s... more »
International BC Day Contest: 2nd edition. See the winners!
January 16, 2015
It's time (in fact, we're a little bit late) for the second edition of the BookCrossing Day Contest! For those who did not participate last year: we'll be celebrating the second International BookCrossing Day this year. As the day, Heather chose Apri... more »
Release Bags are finally back in the Store
September 21, 2014
Here is the news that many of you have been waiting for: our Release Bags have returned to the Supply Store. A whole pallet of them, most of them in English but also some in German, has been shipped to Zevenaar, the Netherlands, home of the BookCross... more »
New forum for the Slavic languages
August 7, 2014
Here's another step towards BookCrossing as a truly global movement. We now have a forum for the Slavic languages! You'll find it here. This forum was created at the request of several Russian BookCrossers, who want to see mo... more »
Our newest bookplate has landed
June 17, 2014
This friendly alien has no hostile intentions, we're sure!
This lovely colorful bookplate was designed by Tom van de Merbel and it's a fun and bright addition to our collection. We are currently working on versions ... more »

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