Virtual BookCrossing UnConvention 2021
March 19, 2021
For everyone missing their annual fix of Convention Fun and for anyone who has never yet experienced the camaraderie but would like to... some intrepid BookCrossers bring you the next best thing - a Convention (mainly) by Zoom. Since this is not very... more »
[FIXED] Error message when accessing profile page/bookshelf
March 10, 2021
The Support Team have been alerted to an issue some of our members are experiencing with accessing their profile pages. It may also appear that you get an error when logging in. We've altered the Tech Team and are waiting for this to be looked into. ... more »
2021 BookCrossing 24 hour Readathon
March 4, 2021
BookCrossing's 2021 24 hour Readathon will take place on Saturday April 17th! Find out more HERE. more »
Wave of spammy friend requests
January 28, 2021
Please see information about this, and updates on what is being done, by clicking here. more »
It's a New Year...
January 1, 2021
and Ballycumber has a few words to say. Head on over to the Announcements forum and join us for a toast, no matter whether you are raising a champagne flute, a tea cup or any other beverage. Clic... more »
News from the Store: Iron-Ons and Russian stickers
November 27, 2020
Some exciting new products have appeared in the BookCrossing Supply Store! And they were inspired by you, our members: you asked, our Store Manager made it happen. First of all, this one came about a... more »
Access to restored for all members
November 24, 2020
Over the past days, some of our members reported not being able to access the website. This has now been resolved. The cause was an IP block, implemented as an emergency measure by Ardik, to stop a huge amount of unwanted server load and traffic, tha... more »
2020 Secret Santa
October 1, 2020
Head on over to the RABCK forum to join in the fun! more »
Round 9 of Support BC - Supply Store Sweepstakes is here!
August 7, 2020
Better late than never! The "regulars" of this Sweepstakes will have noticed that J4shaw didn't host it at it's usual time of May/June. The reason for this was that due to COVID-19 our Supply Store has faced international shipping restricti... more »
News from the Store: Vacation time
August 5, 2020
How time flies by! It's that time of year again when our Store Manager leaves us behind for a week or two, and goes on vacation. This will result in some shipping delays. We're sorry about that. Then again, everyone deserves a vacation! Even if you'r... more »
News from Region Clean Up Team - Zone Closures
July 25, 2020
Over recent months we have seen a high increase in members posting in the Region Cleanup: Cities & Crossing Zones forum, highlighting clean up requests that need to be actioned by the Team. W... more »
News from the Store: An artist and a gentleman
July 8, 2020
News from the Store: Shipping times
July 3, 2020
Here's an update from our Store Manager. Recently, we've heard from some of you that your supplies are taking longer to arrive than expected. And that's pretty understandable during a pandemic: mail travels overseas on passenger planes, and many of t... more »
A quick reminder: Wild vs Controlled
May 16, 2020
Wild release vs controlled release….how do I know which one to select? BookCrossing's very foundation is all about setting books free. The act of placing a book someplace for some unknown person to find, is what we refer to... more »
Books on the move again
May 14, 2020
While the latest data from the United Nations specialized agency for tourism shows that 100% of destinations now have restrictions for travel in place, we're starting to see our own spike in travel. Over the course of the past week, as lockdown restr... more »
Happy BookCrossing Day to all, from Ballycumber
April 21, 2020
On this very special day in BookCrossing Land I, Ballycumber, am happy to be the bearer of good news! While many of us are cooped up at home, I have some news for you that I hope will brighten up your day a bit. First of all, the 24-Hour Readathon wa... more »
Some temporary measures, please read...
April 1, 2020
Dear BookCrossing members, Unfortunately, the current events have caused many of you to spend a lot more time at home. And this results in much higher server loads. You may have seen the consequenses: timeouts and errors. To address that, in a way th... more »
News from the Store: Release bags
March 29, 2020
Our Supply Store Manager has just received two pallets of BookCrossing Release bags. Variety includes a stock replenishment of English and German bags, + two brand new varieties - International as well as a Norsk / Suomi version. Check them out i... more »
Date confirmed for 2020's BookCrossing 24 hour Readathon!
March 28, 2020
Date confirmed for 2020's BookCrossing 24 hour Readathon! See HERE more »
What are you reading whilst practicing social distancing?
March 24, 2020
Join the conversation HERE more »

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