What are you reading whilst practicing social distancing?
March 24, 2020
Join the conversation HERE more »
A message from Ballycumber
March 16, 2020
Hello dear BookCrossing members, Ballycumber here, with a short message at this current global time of concern. It felt timely to reach out to you all and wish you all good health. BookCrossing remains a fun way to track and share books, while connec... more »
News from the Store: BCday Supplies now available
February 21, 2020
The new BookCrossing Day supplies for 2020 have just arrived in the Store! Necoconeco's winning design shows an OBC in the forest, stocked and used by colourful troll-like creatures, in a hollow tree... more »
Bug Alert - Daily Digest email
February 19, 2020
We are aware that there is an issue with the Daily Digest email. You can view details on this HERE Whilst this is being looked into, we wanted to remind our Members that our Wings me... more »
BC Day Contest 2020: this year's winners!
February 14, 2020
Ballycumber just announced the winners in this year's BookCrossing Day Contest. Head on over to the Announcements forum to read all about it! Right this way: Click here. more »
Some Convention news
February 7, 2020
This year's International BC Convention will, as many of you know, take place in Gold Coast, Australia. The team is working hard to make it another great one! Keep an eye on the Conventions forum a... more »
Vote for your favourite bookplate...
February 1, 2020
in the 2020 BookCrossing Day contest now! Just look at those clever entries. Choose the bookplate you like most of all, the one that you feel best represents BookCrossing to the finders of our books... all around the world. Change your mind as often ... more »
Get creative for the BC Day Contest 2020
January 4, 2020
It's time to pull out your pencils, paint, camera or any other creative medium of your choice and get busy for this year's edition of the BookCrossing Day Contest! We're really looking forward to receiving your creation. Read all about it in more »
Best wishes from Ballycumber... and a gift
December 23, 2019
Happy holidays to all! It's the holiday season in many places in the world... and we want to wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful one! We hope you'll be able to share some pleasant time with family, friends, pets or books. It's also a good time for... more »
More bug fixes - Book & Member Stats
November 17, 2019
Happy to report some more fixes to some long time bugs. You will now find that when clicking on Member Stats or Book Stats under the Books & People tab, you no longer see a page which tells you that there is an "unexpec... more »
Good news about the book search bug
November 14, 2019
You may or may not have spotted Ardik's update about the problems with the book search function that's used during registering books, which he posted here. We think you'll not want to... more »
A great step forward for the BC Translation project
November 11, 2019
It's been a while since we've had any good news about the translation project. The project was held up by technical roadblocks, which was frustrating... if only because the Chinese translation had been ready for a while, and could not be deployed! We... more »
A call to existing Region Cleanup Team Members
September 15, 2019
A few days ago an email was sent out to all 50 listed members of the Volunteer Region Cleanup Team in an effort to identify who we have still active on the Team. Whilst we have heard back from 22 of those 50 (much better than the last attempt late in... more »
We're on the hunt for Support team members!
September 12, 2019
Hey all, Over the past few weeks we've been having a look at the current capabilities within our BC Volunteer Support Team from a languages perspective, and as a result we've identified some areas we'd like to recruit in order to have better coverage... more »
News from the Store: New Econo labels
September 1, 2019
We want to tell you about a change we've made to our Pre-Numbered Econo labels. For a long time, they were made in-house and we were never quite happy... more »
News from the Store: announcing Surprise September!
August 19, 2019
Our new Store promotion is, literally, a surprise! We have so many fun little trinkets and handmade (and other) souvenirs from Conventions, we figured the best thing to do with them is to share them. So all through September, we'll be giving random s... more »
News from the Store: Vacation time
August 4, 2019
Our hard-working Supply Store Manager is taking a well-deserved break and will be off on vacation from August 5 until August 16. This will cause some shipping delays, so we are hoping for your understanding and patience. Once she's back, she will ann... more »
Instagram: are you following?
July 21, 2019
Just noticed that we’ve reached over 1000 followers of our Instagram page! We very much enjoy sharing content via our Social Media channels, such as photos of meetups around the world, that we’re not able to do on the site itself. Are you following u... more »
News from the Store: Finnish Round 'Official' Stickers
July 12, 2019
As posted in the Finnish forum earlier today by Moem. Hello, Finnish friends, a word from your Store manager, if that's okay. And please ... more »
Update on glitches with the book search function
July 8, 2019
We’re afraid the search functionality when registering books is still having glitches. The good news is we’ve identified a window where it typically works just fine - being 9am-5pm USA Mountain standard time (MST). We’ve no idea why this is the case,... more »

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