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A Message from the Volunteer BookCrossing Support Team

March 4, 2023
In previous times, it was the responsibility of the Volunteer BookCrossing Support Team to alert the Tech Team that the server needed a kick (commonly known as a reboot!)
As things stand today, our Tech Team are alerted directly by our server host that the site is slow or down, so we (the Volunteer BookCrossing Support Team) do not need to let them know.
It took rather a few "yes we know" replies from our Tech Team, for this to become apparent to our Team that we don't need to let them know, but that's just how it is, and now in turn, we're letting you know the same.

The down (no pun intended) side of "things as they stand today", is that since the backend upgrade in June 2021, the only people with backend & server access to reboot, are all USA based. That means that there are periods of time where nothing can be done about bugs or interruptions to the BookCrossing service/website overall, including the site being slow or down altogether.
We acknowledge that for a worldwide community like ours, this isn't ideal, but wanted to offer the transparency around the reasons why there are sometimes lengthy periods of time where the site doesn't appear to be functioning as it ought to, and no communication is forthcoming about why or what is being done. What we're saying is that we can't give you answers that we don't have.

While we do have other Techs/Devs waiting in the wings who live in different times zones, and who are willing and able to come on board, at this time we are hearing from BC HQ that they will not be brought into the fold until some major fixes and developments are done. It's a little bit of a "let's spend the time we have on cleaning up some of the existing mess, before we add more people to the Team and need to divide that time to get new people acquainted with things, when that time needs to be spent prioritizing fixing things."
It's a double edged sword, but it's the decision that has been made.

The Volunteer BookCrossing Support Team acts as the go between between the BookCrossing members and the Tech Team/BC HQ, so let us wave the "don't shoot the messenger" flag at this point. Unfortunately we do find ourselves on the receiving end of some not so nice messages, and it really can be a disheartening job at times.
It is also worth reiterating that the Volunteer BookCrossing Support Team is made up of a handful of people who are BookCrossing members themselves, who have volunteered their time to "help" with things they can - for example: account access issues, incorrect BCID detective work, forum spam clean up, closing account assistance.
Ultimately, the Volunteer BookCrossing Support Team face the same user front end issues that you do, and they share your same frustrations.

Also to reiterate something we have said over and over again - BC HQ & Tech Team members DO NOT look at forums posts.

We hope this sheds some light on things.
Thank you.

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