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News from our Tech Team - JE Alerts & emails

December 9, 2021
Anyone who has been around the forums of late, will have seen that we have been working on the issue of the revolving stop start of JE alerts, particularly Daily Digest emails.
It's been a rather recurrent issue that the emails simply stop sending, and when they stop, they stay stopped until we reboot things and get them going again.
In the past few days we have taken measures to apply an alert to let us know if 40+ hours pass without emails being sent out. This ultimately means that our systems will tell us if there is an error, and we will not solely need to rely on members letting us know they've not been receiving the emails.

Further to this, we are aware that some members are failing to receive emails from BookCrossing completely - be it journal alerts, release alerts, private messages from other members.

To break things down here as simply as we can into 2 parts:
- Domains that are LIKELY blocking our IP and therefore no emails from @bookcrossing.com are getting delivered to members are: @wanadoo.fr, @yahoo.co.uk, @t-online.de
- Domains that we have received sporadic reports from members that are experiencing issues are: @gmail.com & @gmx.de and we conclude that these are individual errors LIKELY due to a members own spam filter.

What we must stress is that there is no conclusive diagnosis for what is happening, and we are continuing to work on finding out the root cause.
In the meantime, please be sure to reach out to the BC Volunteer Support Team to report if you are experiencing issues.
You can do that via Contact Us.

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