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BookCrossing garners more than 440 comments at Lovemarks.com, topping their list

August 26, 2004
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As an update to the ongoing BookCrossing/Lovemark saga, we've been told by their program manager that BookCrossing has received far more positive comments (over 440!) than any of the other 1,400-odd entities nominated for a Lovemark, and that they're going to headline BookCrossing in their next newsletter. On their list of Lovemarks ranked by popularity, BookCrossing is currently 5th, behind notables like the Pope and Jesus Christ, and ahead of notables like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola and The Beatles. Their voting system is currently under review, and they've removed the voting box from their BookCrossing page to eliminate the vote-spamming problem, but you can still leave comments about BookCrossing on the Lovemarks site; they consider positive comments as the highest form of praise for the rankings. Please take a moment, if you haven't already, to give the Lovemarks people your perspective on why you like BookCrossing - your words may show up in their next newsletter!

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