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Round 9 of Support BC - Supply Store Sweepstakes is here!

August 7, 2020
Better late than never!
The "regulars" of this Sweepstakes will have noticed that J4shaw didn't host it at it's usual time of May/June. The reason for this was that due to COVID-19 our Supply Store has faced international shipping restriction on non paper items (think tote bags, release bags, key fobs, lanyards etc), and it was therefore a collaborative decision between the Supply Store Manager and J4shaw, to hold off on hosting Round 9.
Well, despite these limitation being still in place today, they have somewhat adopted the theory of:
"Would people still choose to play, with the knowledge that there may be some restrictions of what can be ordered to send to the winner, or would people prefer to not have the fun of playing in this Sweeps at all?"

We have unanimously reached the conclusion that people could do with some fun right now, and therefore we will not withhold it from you any longer!
So here it is :
Round 9 of the International Support BookCrossing - Supply Store Sweepstakes

The last round saw 34 participants sign up (which was a drop from the previous few rounds - we must do better this time around) and the Supply Store Manager reported that the collective amount of orders from Round 8 of the Sweeps - which directly benefits BookCrossing - raised OVER $500!!
Since starting this Sweeps back in June 2015, the collective amount raised is OVER $3000!!

Enter here to win!
Purchases from the Supply Store is a direct way of putting much needed money into BookCrossing.

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