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News from Region Clean Up Team - Zone Closures

July 25, 2020
Over recent months we have seen a high increase in members posting in the Region Cleanup: Cities & Crossing Zones forum, highlighting clean up requests that need to be actioned by the Team.
While we have been working diligently to fulfil these requests of correcting duplicate cities, consolidating zones listed several times, and moving zones from their incorrect location to it's correct one, we have heavily discussed the other area of what we do - hiding zones that are no longer in existence and how we do this accurately given the world's current situation.

The decision has therefore been made that the Team will not be marking places as 'closed' going forward until after the pandemic shakes out.
While Google can be a reliable source of advising if a business is permanently closed, it does not have an indicator for "temporarily closed", so we cannot alone rely on Google as our source of information on this.

That said, if you have evidence that a location closed in 2016 for example, (ie that it's closure is not Coronavirus related) then by all means, make that request in the forum and provide us with the link to a newspaper article or similar to back that up.

While we are here, we'd also just like to draw attention to the recent addition of a Etiquette & Helpful Info post in the Region Cleanup Forum. It's a great guide for you if you are not quite sure of how to go about getting something cleaned up.

Thanks to you all for helping us "keep BookCrossing clean"!

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