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News from the Store: An artist and a gentleman

July 8, 2020
We heard you loud and clear: these surrealist watercolours by Jonathan Wolstenholme, depicting books that are doing all kind of things, are seriously cool. They could have been made for us, it's such a good fit.

But what we didn't know yet is that the painter himself is pretty dang cool, too. After all, when our intrepid Store Manager asked him about the conditions for using one of his paintings on a bookplate, he generously allowed us to just pick one and go ahead and use it, at no cost! A true gentleman. Thank you so much, Mr. Wolstenholme!

So, without further ado, we present our newest bookplate. It depicts a book putting shoes on, unbothered by the fact that it doesn't have any feet. Such a mere triviality will not stop our book-shaped hero from going on a journey!
This gorgeous bookplate is now available in no fewer than ten languages. Here they all are. We hope you'll like it as much as we do, because we like it a whole lot!

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