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Books on the move again

May 14, 2020
While the latest data from the United Nations specialized agency for tourism shows that 100% of destinations now have restrictions for travel in place, we're starting to see our own spike in travel.

Over the course of the past week, as lockdown restrictions start to ease worldwide, the numbers of wild releases have been seen to be creeping higher, with Europe very much being the catalyst.

Germany .........3,759
Netherlands ....1,439
Spain ...............1,408
USA .................1,297
Finland ..............939

The numbers above indicates how many books were released within the last 30 days that have not yet been caught.

Interestingly, the gap between 5th & 6th place is close to half, with the United Kingdom at 532 wild releases, and Italy closely following behind in 7th place with 449.
It's been some time since we haven't seen Italy stand in the top 4 of most wild releases on the Go Hunting page, and this is a clear reflection of Italy undergoing the longest period of COVID-19 lockdown anywhere in the world to date.

While we love that there is a buzz of activity again, we do want to reiterate the constant message seen and heard around the world during the past few months: Stay Safe!

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