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Some temporary measures, please read...

April 1, 2020
Dear BookCrossing members,
Unfortunately, the current events have caused many of you to spend a lot more time at home. And this results in much higher server loads. You may have seen the consequenses: timeouts and errors.

To address that, in a way that allows everyone to keep using BookCrossing, we propose a set of mitigating measures that we hope everyone will stick to for the entire month. We wish it could be different, but this is how things are. We are sorry that it has come to this.

- if your screenname is in the first half of the alphabet, only use the website on the first 30 minutes of every hour. If it's in the last half, the second 30 minutes of every hour are for you.
- refrain from registering books that contain 400 pages or more, to reduce server load.
- do not post forum posts that contain more than 3 facts or pieces of information. Opinions carry less weight; there can be up to 5 of those.
- review and discuss only light literature for now. Cosy mysteries and children's books are especially suitable. Avoid philosophy, if at all possible.
- set a larger font size to view the BookCrossing website, so that fewer words at the same time fit on your screen.

Thank you so much for cooperating. Together we can get through this!

If you want to share your feelings about this, and get or lend some support, please go here.

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