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A message from Ballycumber

March 16, 2020
Hello dear BookCrossing members,

Ballycumber here, with a short message at this current global time of concern.
It felt timely to reach out to you all and wish you all good health.

BookCrossing remains a fun way to track and share books, while connecting people at deeper levels, using books as the architecture and glue to facilitate the Great Conversation.

While the BookCrossing community has been directly affected by Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by way of our annual BookCrossing Convention unfortunately being cancelled, now is a fabulous time to dedicate to our individual Mount To Be Read piles. It is also an opportunity to save up for those future Conventions, because we certainly want to see you all in Finland in 2021!

The Gold Coast Convention Team worked very hard, and all their time and effort will not go to waste, because we're sure they'll host an Annual BookCrossing Convention in the future. We understand they have a bid for 2022, and in lieu of them being able to present this bid, you can pitch your support for this virtual bid HERE

Our BookCrossing Supply Store continues to operate as normal. BookCrossing Day supplies will be available until March 24th, 2020.

Our forums will continue to bring this community together, and we encourage members to participate in online discussions of Book Talk and Chit Chat. We ask that you also take time to be kind to one another and offer support where needed. Drop by for a chat, and find or lend a listening ear.

The Fun and Games forum is a great place for games, quizzes, polls, trivia, memes, and internet oddities and continues to keep our members entertained, as always.

So far this year, the site has made significant progress on cleaning up Crossing zones globally, and will continue to do so. Your participation in this ever continuing project can be done via the Region Cleanup forum, where you can report duplicates, zones that are closed, and misspellings for the Region Clean Up Team to address.

Our (Not-So-) Random Acts of BookCrossing Kindness forum has always been a hub of member coordinated book giveaways, sweepstakes and games, and we anticipate this continuing to be the case, especially given how much this has proven to lift spirits in the past.

Once again, stay safe, stay vigilant, and stay kind.

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