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Best wishes from Ballycumber... and a gift

December 23, 2019
Happy holidays to all!
It's the holiday season in many places in the world... and we want to wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful one! We hope you'll be able to share some pleasant time with family, friends, pets or books.

It's also a good time for gifts... and here's what we're getting you this year: a lovely little bug fix. Ardik found the error in the site code that caused the message...

Please Note: This member prefers not to be contacted regarding trades, swaps or wishlist exchanges.
... to be displayed every time you'd send someone a PM, regardless of the setting in the member's profile. He fixed it for us, and now that setting is again working as it should!
Thank you so much, Ardik, that's a very nice gift. Anyone who wants to add their thanks is invited to do so in this thread.

Best wishes from all of us, to all of you!

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